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The Donnybrook
Thursday, April 7, 2005
North Carolina Finally Moving Toward State Lottery...

Yesterday, the North Carolina state House voted yesterday by a razor-thin 61-59 margin to institute an education lottery. The measure now moves to the state Senate where it is expected to pass easily.

Since I moved here from Pennsylvania in 1995, it's baffled me that North Carolina didn't have a lottery while far more conservative states like Georgia and South Carolina (which is so whacked-out, they can't even serve liquor properly in bars) did.

This decision seems like a long time coming, especially since the stated goal for the lottery is improve funding for North Carolina's school system, which has had a tough time of it recently.

Not everyone likes this decision, and if you're reading this post and are against the lottery, please explain to me why.

I'm not looking to demean your feelings, but I need to know why you feel that something that won't affect you if you don't want it to (read as: if you don't like the lottery, don't buy a ticket) shouldn't even be an option for others who do.

Let's hear some opinions...


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