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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Coretta Scott King: 1927-2006

Thank you for everything you achieved...

If Republicans Are Actually Excited About Alito Being Confirmed...

...they must really feel like they got away with one here.

Think about it. Republicans have a 10-seat advantage in the Senate, but actually seem delighted (and a little relieved) that Sam Alito made it through the confirmation process.


Short of standing up and telling Rocky Dennis jokes, how exactly could he have lost the support of the 55-member Republican caucus?

Even though Alito was able to dodge questions and hide answers well enough to make the Democrats who questioned him look bad, Republicans actually seemed concerned that the nomination could've been stopped over these last few days.

Heck, they even got the bonus of Mrs. Alito's crocodile tears at seeing her husband (gasp!) being asked questions!!! So why the sigh of relief? I'm curious.

Alas, with Republican relief comes reality.

The reality that Alito will most definitely move the court to the right. You Republicans can't deny that, even if you spent the last few months trying to convince the rest of us that he wouldn't.

The Republicans got away with one here, and until the majority of the country realizes the consequences we all could face down the road of a pro-corporate, anti-individual judiciary, they'll get away with a lot more...

Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Liberal Media...

Chris Matthews from Hardball has been on a roll lately.

First, he equated Michael Moore with Osama bin Laden. Then, he told the Hispanic Democratic mayor of Los Angeles that Latino immigrants are "natural Republicans".

Now, he's accusing Ted Kennedy of "basically molesting" Samuel Alito's wife during the Supreme court confirmation hearings for daring to ask her husband tough questions. As if Alito is owed a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Watch the clip, it's good fun.

I bring this up because this isn't Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or any of the other right-wing media pleasure dolls saying this. That's expected at all times.

Matthews purports to go after both sides equally, but his wacky accusations of Democrats and his slightly-too-spirited defense of poor, helpless Tom DeLay tell a completely different story...

Monday, January 30, 2006
The Best Bush Impression I've Ever Seen...

Even better than the guy at the Jeff Foxworthy roast, and that's saying a lot.

It's not just the voice, either. It's the gawd-awful facial ticks and arm spasms that make it work.

Here's Frank Caliendo. He does a mean John Madden, too...

(from CrooksandLiars)

So Give 'Em Another Tax Cut!!!

They obviously could use the help...
Exxon Mobil Corp. posted record profits for any U.S. company on Monday — $10.71 billion for the fourth quarter and $36.13 billion for the year — as the world’s biggest publicly traded oil company benefited from high oil and gas prices and demand for refined products. The results exceeded Wall Street expectations.

The company’s earnings amounted to $1.71 per share for the October-December quarter, up from $8.42 billion, or $1.30 per share, in the year ago quarter. The result topped the then-record quarterly profit of $9.92 billion Exxon posted in the third quarter of 2005.

Exxon’s profit for the year was also the largest annual reported net income in U.S. history, according to Howard Silverblatt, a stock market analyst for Standard & Poor’s. He said the previous high was Exxon’s $25.3 billion profit in 2004.
In a not wholly unrelated story, has anyone else seen their home gas bill rise by about 1200% over the past 3 months?

Friday, January 27, 2006
Now That's Just Too Obvious...
"I had absolutely nothing to do--never met, never talked, never coordinated, never did anything -- with Grover Norquist and the -- quote -- K Street Project."
--Rick Santorum in today's
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette...

"Thank you Grover, and I appreciate your help and support on this and many other issues..."
--Santorum after being introduced by Grover Norquist on June 28, 2005...
He's not even trying at this point...

Stephen Colbert Rips NC State Professor A New One...

In the interest of truthiness, Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" smacks down a local professor for ripping him off.

It's a grippy piece of footage...

P.S. In other news, Dan Coulter wants to poison Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. While he's at it, he may want to take a run at Gerald Ford, the Republican President who appointed Stevens.

Seriously, why do so many men think violence is the only way to get anything done in the world.

Fuckin' testosterone...

It's Official: Bush Is Becoming Radioactive...

Take a look at the numbers:

58% The percentage of Americans that see Bush's second term as a failure...

52% The percentage of Americans that see Bush's entire presidency as a failure...

51% The percentage of Americans who will vote for a Congressional candidate
that opposes Bush...

53% The percentage of Americans who believe Bush deliberately misled the public about WMD in Iraq...

64% The percentage of Americans who think things in the U.S. have gotten worse over the past five years...

Please give generously...

Thursday, January 26, 2006
The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome People Of 2005...

I came across The Beast as a result of a suggestion from a friend of my wife's.

It's basically a more brutal, less good-natured version of The Onion...with cartoons.

Their list of the 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005 is hilarious and positively vicious to anyone and everyone that made news last year. They even turn their guns on Donovan McNabb.

They provide a listing of charges against the accused, supporting evidence, and even a sentence for each entrant.

My favorite has got to be #10 Bill O'Reilly:
Charges: Even Limbaugh must bow before O’Reilly’s unparalleled bullying skills and ability to deliver undiluted bullshit with an air of brusque authority. O’Reilly is so comfortable with his astounding hypocrisy that he didn’t skip a beat when he was publicly revealed to be a comically perverse sexual harasser, continuing to sanctimoniously moralize about the corrosive effects of rap music and intellectualism on American society. Main tactic against his critics, whose jobs rank among the easiest in the world, is to accuse them of his own methods: arbitrary smears, selective quotation, partisan motivation, and intellectual cowardice. Infuriatingly claims to be a political "independent" who just happens to parrot virtually every Republican talking point and equate mainstream liberals with Nazis and Stalinists. Claimed his call for abandoning San Francisco to al Qaeda bombing was "satirical," which is itself the funniest thing he’s ever said. An honest to goodness list-making Joe McCarthy wannabe, with the ACLU standing in for the Communist Party.

Exhibit A: O’Reilly’s novel, Those Who Trespass, which reads like an eighth grade writing assignment, is about a blustery news correspondent, demoted from foreign correspondence to less prestigious work (as O’Reilly was when he moved from ABC News to Inside Edition), who murders a string of colleagues he feels have hindered his career. "I kill you on page six," he told Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America.

Sentence: After O'Reilly's influence fundamentally changes the nature of jurisprudence, he is tortured and jailed for life when it is discovered that he once leafed through a copy of the Communist Manifesto as a teen.

White House Nixed Plan To "Fix" FISA In 2002...

Let me start by blowing a conservative lie about liberals out of the water: I don't have a problem with domestic spying as long as a.) there is probable cause, and b.) the spying complies with American law (that Constitution thing, etc...).

Got that? As much as Karl Rove and the conservative blogosphere would like you to believe that liberals want to set up Osama bin Laden and his minions with brand new camera phones, unlimited minutes and free roaming, it's just not true.

What is true, as Rich points out over on his site, is that the FISA law that governs this type of activity probably needs a 21st century overhaul. The Bush Administration has said repeatedly that they needed to spy without a warrant because the law is antiquated.

If that is the case, then why didn't they fix the law back in 2002 when they had the chance?
The Bush administration rejected a 2002 Senate proposal that would have made it easier for FBI agents to obtain surveillance warrants in terrorism cases, concluding that the system was working well and that it would likely be
unconstitutional to lower the legal standard.

The proposed legislation by Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) would have allowed the FBI to obtain surveillance warrants for non-U.S. citizens if they had a "reasonable suspicion" they were connected to terrorism -- a lower standard than the "probable cause" requirement in the statute that governs the warrants.
George W. Bush sure has an odd relationship with his Republican-controlled Congress.

Last year, during his ill-fated (and ill-conceived) Social Security privatization push, he repeated ad nauseum that Congress needed to come up with a plan that he could sell to the American people. He recognized that Presidents don't make laws, Congress does. He recognized this because, at the time, it suited his needs. He could let Congress take the fall for a plan that the American people would roundly reject.

With his illegal domestic spying program, he could've again deferred to Congress and let them do their duty of writing laws. He could've pressed them to fix the law that he eventually chose to ignore.

Instead, he rejected Sen. DeWine's proposal, and basically said "I'll do whatever I want".

Once again, that's what suited his needs...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Super Bowl Trivia Challenge

Okay kids, here are 40 questions set to prepare your knowledge of the super bowl. I picked questions that try to run the gamut of records, players, coaches and things like that. I don’t want to brag (because it’s probably pathetic that I know all this stuff off the top of my head) but I got all these answers right. NO DOING ANY RESEARCH WHILE TRYING TO ANSWER THESE! Let’s get this party started. I’ll give answers tomorrow. If anybody scores higher than 30 I will not make snide conservative comments for two weeks...but no cheating!
I. Who holds the record for receiving yards in a super bowl game?...Jerry Rice, 215, XXIII
II. Who holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in a super bowl game?...Terrell Davis, 3
III. Who has the longest run from scrimmage in super bowl history?...Marcus Allen, 74
IV: Who has the longest interception return in super bowl history?...Willie Brown, 76 Raiders
V: He holds the career record for super bowl rushing yards?...Franco Harris
VI: Who threw for the most passing yards in a super bowl game?...Kurt Warner, 414, XXXIV
VII: Which team has made the most super bowl appearances?...Cowboys, 8
VIII: Which team scored the most points in a super bowl?...49ERS, 55, XXIV
IX: Which team scored the fewest points in a super bowl?...Dolphins, 3, VI
X: Which city was the first above the Mason-Dixon line to host a super bowl?...Detroit, XVI
XI: Who are the three defending world champions to lose in the super bowl the following year?... 78 Cowboys, 83 Redskins, 97 Packers
XII: Who is the only player to play in super bowls in three different decades?...Gene Upshaw, Raiders 67, 76, 80
XIII: Who is the only player to win a super bowl with three different teams?...Matt Millen, Raiders, 49ERS, Redskins
XIV: Which player has appeared in the most super bowls?...Mike Lodish, 6, Bills and Broncos
XV: Who scored the first touchdown in super bowl history?...Max McGee, Packers
XVI: Who are the only two players to win back-to-back super bowl MVP awards?...Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw
XVII: Who is the only kick returner to be named MVP?...Desmond Howard, XXXI
XVIII: Who has the most sacks in one super bowl?...Reggie White, 3, XXXI
XIX: Who has the most interceptions in one super bowl?...Rod Martin, 3, Raiders, XV
XX: Who was the losing coach in the first super bowl held indoors?...Red Miller, Broncos, XII
XXI: Who was the first wild card team to win a super bowl?...1980 Raiders
XXII: Who is the only team to win consecutive super bowls with two different coaches?...49ERS, Bill Walsh and George Seifert in 1988 and 89
XXIII: Which NFL owner coined the term "super bowl."...Lamar Hunt, Chiefs
XXIV: Who was the first team to win three straight road games to reach the super bowl?...1985 Patriots
XXV: Which two teams held their opponents without any offensive points?...74 Steelers, 2000 Ravens
XXVI: Which quarterback threw the most interceptions in one game?...Rich Gannon, 5
XXVII: Which three coaches won super bowls in their first year as coach?...Don McCafferty, Colts; George Seifert, 49ERS; John Gruden, Buccaneers
XXVIII: Who was the first wild card team to reach the super bowl?...1975 Cowboys
XXIX: Who holds the record most consecutive completions in a super bowl?...Joe Montana, 13, XXIV
XXX: Who holds the record for rushing yards in one super bowl?...Timmy Smith, Redskins, 204
XXXI: Who holds the record for touchdown passes in one super bowl?...Steve Young, 49ERS, 6
XXXII: Which team has overcome the biggest deficit to win a super bowl?...1987 Redskins...trailed 10-0 in first quarter, won 42-10
XXXIII: The 49ERS have surrendered two kickoff returns for touchdowns in the super bowl...name the players that returned those kicks for touchdowns...Stanford Jennings, Bengals; Andre Coleman, Chargers
XXXIV: Who was the first player in super bowl history to return a kickoff for a touchdown?...Fulton Walker, 1982 Dolphins
XXXV: What team recorded the first safety in super bowl history?...1974 Steelers
XXXVI: Which super bowl featured the most combined points?...XXIX, 49ERS 49, Chargers 26
XXXVII: Who was the first team to appear in three straight super bowls?...Dolphins, 1971-73
XXXVIII: Who was the first AFC team to win a super bowl?...be careful....1970 Colts
XXXIX: Who threw the longest touchdown pass in super bowl history and who caught it?...Jake Delhomme 85 yards to Muhsin Muhammad, XXXVIII
XL: How many interceptions have 49ERS quarterbacks thrown in five super bowls?...zero but they have thrown 17 touchdown passes.
UPDATE: I posted the answers. I was disappointed more people didn't play along. So with a total of 11 1/2 out of 40 the winner is Brian.

Reason #47627 Why Bob Casey Is Immeasurably Better Than Lil' Ricky...

Rick Santorum views serving your country in the military and putting a "Santorum '06" bumper sticker on your car in the same noble way.

Watch and be amazed...
"And yet we have brave men and women who are willing to step forward because they know what's at stake. They're willing to sacrifice their lives for this great country. What I'm asking all of you tonight is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker. Is it that much to ask? Is it that much to ask to step up and serve your country?"
Dead politician walking!!!

(Big thanks to SantorumExposed, you guys kick ass...)

Why The Casey-Rendell Endorsement Of Alito Doesn't Bother Me...

My conservative readers take great pleasure in playing "Gotcha!" with me when a Democratic politician I support does something they believe will bother me. It's a stupid game, but one that some readers can't get past.

Case in point: My boys Bob Casey, Jr. and Gov. Ed Rendell come out in support of Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court and apparently I'm supposed to feel some deep-dwelling liberal rage.

Are you serious? Do you know how fucking stupid that sounds?

The beauty of the Democratic party is that it is still a "big-tent" party. There are conservative Democrats that I disagree with quite often. That doesn't make them bad people or unsupportable in my eyes. Far from it.

I wrote a piece a few months ago in which I voiced my support of conservative Democrats (like Sen. Ben Nelson) and my disdain for Fox News Democrats (like Sen. Joe Lieberman). The difference being that conservative Democrats don't believe in a lot of the things I believe in, while Fox News Democrats take great pride in trashing other Democrats for not believing what they believe.

Big difference.

I'm not about to condemn a politician that I believe in just because he took a position I don't like. A big part of the reason Bob Casey, Jr. is an appealing politician to me is because he seems to fight for what he believes in. Sometimes I'll agree with him, sometimes I won't. That's life in a two-party system.

So keep on playing the game, boys. Keep citing DailyKos, Atrios, DU, etc. as the supposed source of my beliefs while cutting and pasting someone's else's words to express yours. Keep thinking you can instinctively assume how I feel about anything of significance.

You can't, and you look stupid for trying...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
When Football And Politics Collide...

Since Dr. Masse has got us in a sporting mood today, allow me to infuse a political post with some football-related themes.

I have two big questions:

1.) Will Pennsylvania's Governor Ed Rendell be placing a Super Bowl bet with Washington's Governor Christine Gregoire? Ed's an Eagles fan, so placing a bet on the Steelers has to be a little awkward on his part.

I know he just won an AFC Championship wager with Colorado's Governor Bill Owens, but come on, this is the Super Bowl. Last year at this time, Ed was proudly representing the Eagles against Gov. Mitt Romney in the big game.

2.) Will this Steelers championship run improve Lynn Swann's chances in the Republican primary for Governor?

It seems to me that Jerome Bettis is at his zenith of popularity in the Pittsburgh area. He's also a Republican. If the Steelers ride The Bus to a Super Bowl victory (and probably even if they don't), Bettis could be a huge asset to his fellow Steeler's campaign, should he decide to support Swann.

I say Swann is an outside shot at best to win the GOP primary against the more experienced Bill Scranton, a former Pennsylvania lieutenant governor. Even if Swann did move on to the general election against the aforementioned Ed Rendell, his lack of experience in politics would be evident against the likeable and seasoned campaigner, Rendell.

Couple that with Rendell's solid block of bipartisan support in Philadelphia and its suburbs, which will only become more solid if a Pittsburgh hero is on the other side of the ticket, Swann may need a lot more than The Bus to become the next Governor of Pennsylvania...

Monday, January 23, 2006
A Year As NFC Champion Ends...

I looked back in my archives and found this post from exactly 365 days ago. It was a post celebrating the Eagles' first NFC championship in 24 years.

It felt good to take one last look at a great video from PhiladelphiaEagles.com that turned me into a kid again.

All that aside, best of luck to the Seahawks and Steelers.

It looks like a good matchup, since I have no idea who's got the edge.

The Eagles will be back soon enough, and Donovan McNabb will have a lot of short-sighted assholes to prove wrong. I believe he'll do it.

See you in September...

Casey Still Above 50%, Lil' Ricky Still Below 40%...
Bob Casey, Jr. (D) 53%
Rick Santorum (R) 38%

--Rasmussen Reports 1/19/06
So much for the power of incumbency...

UPDATE: Incumbency takes another hit in Missouri, where Republican incumbent Jim Talent is trailing Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill by a margin of 47-44...

Friday, January 20, 2006
The Donnybrook Was Mentioned On CNN's Inside Politics Back In June of 2005...

This is a surprise...

I was just tooling around the internets, and came across a CNN Inside Politics transcript from June 23, 2005 in which one of their intrepid "blog reporters" mentioned The Donnybrook and a piece I wrote on June 22nd about a pre-incarceration Duke Cunningham claiming that those who died on 9/11 would've supported a Constitutional amendment banning flag burning.

From the transcript:
ABBI TATTON, CNN PRODUCER: One of the politicians that the blogs on the left and the right are also focusing on, on this issue, is the main sponsor of this proposal. That's Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a congressman from California.

His comments yesterday have a lot of people linking to him. "Ask the men and women who stood on top of the Trade Center. Ask them, and they will tell you, 'Pass this amendment.'"

Now, people are saying that's just inappropriate. What is he, psychic? And that's what you get over here at the most twisted name in news -- not the trusted -- this is newswriter.us. And they're saying if, indeed, this congressman can channel the dead, why isn't he asking them something more important than this silly amendment, the most silly constitutional amendment ever proposed?

JACKI SCHECHNER, CNN BLOG REPORTER: Brian Anderson at phillybri.blogspot.com, not surprised at the GOP talking point that 9/11 changed everything coming up once again. And then also pointing out that Randy Cunningham's name coming up once again in the blogosphere.
I'm guessing that last line is actually a typo in the transcript, but whatever.

After all, any press is good press. Right?

Fun With Nomenclature...

Did you ever notice that in about 99% of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies his character has the most Anglo-sounding name you've ever heard?

Take a look at this list:

Gordy Brewer
John Kimble
Howie Langston
John Kruger
Ben Richards
Alan Schaeffer
Douglas Quaid
Harry Tasker
Julius Benedict
Jericho Cane

It reminds me of Bill Simmons' "Reggie Cleveland All-Stars". A list of white athletes with black guy names. Think Marcus Giles, Khalil Greene, and of course, Reggie Cleveland.

Let it be known that when I make my film debut, I want my name to be Tyrone "The Grip" Ianuzelli...

P.S. As a bonus, here's some of Ahnuld's old bodybuilding footage set to one of the greatest movie songs of all time: "You're the Best" from The Karate Kid...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Note To John Kerry: This Is How You Handle Swift Boat Slime...

Former Reagan Secretary of the Navy, James Webb, laces into the liars currently trying to discredit Rep. John Murtha's military service...
It should come as no surprise that an arch-conservative Web site is questioning whether Representative John Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who has been critical of the war in Iraq, deserved the combat awards he received in Vietnam.

After all, in recent years extremist Republican operatives have inverted a longstanding principle: that our combat veterans be accorded a place of honor in political circles. This trend began with the ugly insinuations leveled at Senator John McCain during the 2000 Republican primaries and continued with the slurs against Senators Max Cleland and John Kerry, and now Mr. Murtha.

Military people past and present have good reason to wonder if the current administration truly values their service beyond its immediate effect on its battlefield of choice. The casting of suspicion and doubt about the actions of veterans who have run against President Bush or opposed his policies has been a constant theme of his career. This pattern of denigrating the service of those with whom they disagree risks cheapening the public's appreciation of what it means to serve, and in the long term may hurt the Republicans themselves [...]

A young American now serving in Iraq might rightly wonder whether his or her service will be deliberately misconstrued 20 years from now, in the next rendition of politically motivated spinmeisters who never had the courage to step forward and put their own lives on the line.
(From DailyKos)

Is He Afraid They'll Sell Some Of His Movies?

Call it the "Other Brother Syndrome". After all, Stephen Baldwin is essentially the "other" Baldwin brother.

He's not as talented as Alec, he's not as good-looking as Billy, he's not as likely to die in public of a heroin overdose as Daniel.

As a result, Stephen is looking to make is mark in the world by casting shame on all those who dare to shop at an X-rated shop about a mile from his house in Nyack, New York.
Actor Stephen Baldwin is waging a war against pornography after discovering a store that sells sex films is opening just a mile from his home in New York State.

Born again Christian Baldwin has vowed to stand outside the store in Nyack every day and take photographs of the license plates of anyone who visits it.

He then intends to publish a list of all the store's workers and customers in a newspaper advert each month - in a bid to force the business to shut down.
How very Christian of him. There's nothing like casting judgment and shame on your fellow man to bring you closer to the Lord!

In case any of you didn't know, after Stephen did The Usual Suspects back in 1995, his film career took a rather naughty turn. To be specific, he tried to join Andrew Stevens and William Katt as one of the kings of Skin-e-max erotic thrillers.

Check out his IMDB page. His last 10 years of work have been about as low brow as a Benny Hill outtakes reel.

Now he wants to crack down on pornography???

Somewhere, Shannon Tweed is weeping...

K Street Project? What K Street Project???

Lil' Ricky Santorum is such a shyster. Truthiness abounds...

"The K Street project is purely to make sure we have qualified applicants for positions that are in town. From my perspective, it's a good government thing."

--Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), quoted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 15, 2005.

"Well, I don't know what you mean by Senate liaison to the, quote, 'K Street Project.' I'm not aware of any Senate liaison job that I do for the K Street Project."

--Rick Santorum, quoted by Talking Points Memo, January 17, 2005.

Can you believe that if he miraculously keeps his jobthis year, he could actually become the leader of the Senate Republican caucus in 2007???

Come to think of it, he's a perfect representation of the modern-day Republican, so what more could we ask for?

It's just too bad he's dead in the water already...

(via Political Wire)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
A Commerce-Related Question For My Readers...

I have no idea where to find this information, so I'll open it up to you guys:
Do so-called "anchor" stores (department stores, supermarkets, etc...) in malls and shopping centers get a cut of the money made by the smaller retailers also located in their specific mall or shopping center?
It seems reasonable to me that this sort of thing might be part of the conditions that larger retailers set out before moving into a specific location.

To be sure, I don't think it's a good thing, but it definitely seems like something that certain mega-retailers would ask for...

P.S. $20 goes to the first person who can guess which "mega-retailer" I'm thinking of...

P.P.S. There's no $20. That's a joke, Brad...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday afternoon, an announcer referred to Colts quarterback Peyton Manning as a surgeon on the football field.
Well, if Manning is a surgeon you better make sure he doesn't have to perform any life-saving operations. Prepare the last rites if he does.
Repeat after me...Peyton Manning is an over-rated choke artist.
Manning proved it once again Sunday afternoon as he performed average at best in a stunning 21-18 loss to the underdog Pittsburgh Steelers. The same Steelers team that the Colts thumped 26-7 during the regular season.
But those are the two key words: regular season.
Come playoff time Manning shows his true colors and the Colts head home early.
Manning is now 3-6 in the postseason. He has played eight years, is 30 years old and has only taken the Colts to an AFC title game once. His three wins have come against a Chiefs team with a defense as helpless as George Foreman at a buffet line and against two mediocre Broncos teams.
This is hardly the stuff of legends. But then again Manning is not a legend. He's far from it. People like Sean Salisbury and all the other instant historians at ESPN can talk about how wonderful Manning is but the bottom line is he wilts under pressure.
This was supposed to the Colts year. They had the most talent, they had home-field advantage, they were healthy and they had no Patriots to worry about.
And they still blew it.
Manning's numbers (22-of-38, 290 yards and a touchdown) look respectable but they are down from the regular season. Add to that most of those yards came when the Steelers inexplicably went to a prevent defense and stopped rushing four players and it's clear Manning choked...again.
Had it not been for arguably the worst officiating call in history the final score would not even been as close at it was. Less than six minutes remaining and Manning throws a terrible pass to Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. Polamalu clearly has possession before fumbling on his way up and the officials somehow find "indisputable evidence" that the interception was not clean. The right call basically ends the game but I guess that's what they call home-field advantage.
Flash forward to the final minutes. The Colts get the ball back with all their timeouts and more than two minutes remaining. With the pressure on, Peyton and the Colts go four and out as Manning is sacked at the 2-yard line.
Fate seems to be with the Colts when Jerome Bettis fumbles and the Colts take over near the 40-yard line still with three timeouts. Yes, Manning drove the Colts into field-goal range but 46 yards is hardly a chip shot.
The truly great quarterbacks, like the Montana's, the Elway's, the Brady's either drive their teams to game-winning touchdowns in the same situation or at worst set up their kickers for chip shot field goals.
But Manning is not a great quarterback. Game, set, match. See you Colts. Your window may officially be closed.
There has never been a quarterback who has lost as much as Manning in the postseason with the kind of talent he has at his disposal. This guy has two of the league's best receivers, one of the best running backs, a solid offensive line, a good tight end and one of the league's best defenses. And yet he still can't lead his team to a win over the conference's No. 6 seed.
It's just the latest in a long-line of Manning chokes. Go back to college and look at the 0-4 record against Florida and the fact that Tennessee never played for a national championship. Look at his 3-6 record and how he has lost two home games to wild card Titan and Steelers team after the Colts entered with 13-3 and 14-2 records.
Look at his titanic flops the last two years against the Patriots or his horrible performances in a 41-0 2002 wild card loss to the Jets.
Manning just doesn't have it.
Montana had it. Elway had it. Bradshaw had it. Brady has it. Even Jake Delhomme has it.
It is the ability to play your best when the pressure as its highest and the games mean the most. Some of Joe Montana's most famous comebacks came in the NFC Championships or Super Bowls. Same with Elway and Brady in the AFC.
Jake Delhomme may not be a legend but he has it. The Panthers have been a wildcard team in his two trips to the playoffs and he has led them to a 5-1 record during that span, winning four of those games on the road. His only loss came in the Super Bowl against the Patriots when he helped the Panthers erase a 21-10 fourth-quarter deficit only to have Brady lead another game-winning drive in the final minute.
Delhomme plays his best football in the playoffs. Manning plays his best football in the regular season games. Usually, he does his best against the likes of division doormats like the Texans and Titans, teams that combined for six wins this season.
Recently, some people have tried to compare Manning to Marino since they are two prolific passers who never won the super bowl. But to make that comparison is not fair to Marino. Manning has not done anything to warrant that comparison.
Marino may not have won the big one but at least he took the Dolphins to a super bowl. Marino also didn't have the luxuries that Manning did. He never had a consistent running game, let alone a stud like James, and he never had a defense that could stifle opponents the way the Colts did this year.
When Marino had his two best years in 1984 and 1985 the Dolphins lost in the super bowl and the AFC championship. Manning's two supposedly spectacular 2004 and 2005 seasons ended with humbling divisional playoff losses in which the Colts have combined to score 21 points.
So how does Manning respond to once again underachieving in a big game? By saying in a post-game press conference that the Colts had "protection problems." That a boy, Peyton way to be a man and blame it on somebody else.
If Manning is as good as so many make him out to be, a team pressuring him should not faze him. Montana was sacked nine times against the Eagles in 1989 but in enemy territory he threw four fourth-quarter touchdown passes, erased an 11-point deficit and led the eventual world champions to a 38-28 win. He did the same type of thing four years later when the Oilers consistently pounded him in the Astrodome before Montana worked his magic and led the Chiefs back from a 10-0 halftime deficit to a 28-20 win.
This is the NFL. Teams are going to pressure the quarterback, Peyton. The fact that you can't handle it largely explains why you fold up in big games and have never led the Colts to the super bowl. The Steelers came out and attacked Manning early and the result was even when they weren't near him, Peyton was playing with happy feet in the pocket and was throwing ineffectively.
Talk about a sunshine soldier.
A few weeks ago Sports Illustrated's Peter King said something that made me almost choke on my soup. He said something about how at 29 Manning already is one of the 10 greatest quarterbacks ever.
That may have been the dumbest comment ever printed.
You have to look beyond regular-season yardage and touchdown pass and rating stats to measure the mark of greatness in a quarterback. To make a comment that ridiculous is to have no historical perspective. It is to take a shot at legends such as Montana, Elway, Unitas, Starr, Graham, Baugh, Staubach, Bradshaw, Van Brocklin, Luckman and Brady. See, right there are 12 guys who Manning does not come close to meausuring up too.
Don't get me wrong. Manning is a very good quarterback. But he is not the great one so many in the media try to make him out to be.
Maybe it's in the genes. Manning's father Archie never had a winning season and Eli. Well, we all saw that the acorn doesn't fall from the tree in last week's game against the Panthers.
So get it right media. Peyton Manning is an outstanding regular season quarterback but he will never enter the discussion of legends until he wins a really big game. And don't bet on that ever happening.
He just doesn't have it.
If it's a regular-season game against a creampuff team like the Texans, Manning is the guy I want.
But if it's a playoff game. Well, then I'll take anybody but Manning.
Except Eli.

Sean Salisbury's Lunacy
Many of you are aware of my anti-Peyton Manning crusade. It isn't so much that I don't like Manning as much as I can't stand the morons in the media (and Salisbury is one of the biggest out there) that act as if Manning invented the forward pass.
Just last night when discussing how Manning threw his offensive line under the truck and blamed them by saying, "we had protection problems," Salisbury chimed in saying the Colts offensive line should give their paychecks to Manning because they played so bad. Really, Sean? Should Peyton give the Colts fans who paid a lot of money to see him play below average in a big game take Manning's pay check as well? The media is supposed to be objective but Salisbury just can't bring himself to say anything bad about Manning. True, he said what Manning said is wrong but he prefaced it with that idiotic statement which all but cancels things out. So how many sacks did the Colts allow? Five. He acts like Manning was sacked 10 times. The guy throws 38 passes and is sacked five times. It's not great but it's not atrocious either. Yes, he had pressure a lot but this is the NFL and that happens. Thing is the Colts line was so good this year that it didn't happen often. In fact, it only happened twice. Against the Chargers and Steelers and Manning struggled in each game, the Colts lost both and they failed to reach 20 points both times. So, Sean, who should Manning give his paycheck to for those performances? Just an idiotic statement by an idiotic person. I can see why Sean likes Manning, though. See, Sean was terrible when he actually wasn't warming the bench in the NFL so I guess he can relate to Manning's postseason struggles.
Last year Salisbury said that if you don't think Manning's 49-touchdown pass season is the best season by a quarterback ever you are "clueless." What? So just because you throw the most touchdowns means it was the best ever. I guess it doesn't matter that the Patriots and Steelers had better records or that he flopped again in the playoffs or that he did most of his damage against bad teams. The Titans, Texans, Bears, Chiefs, Lions were who he had seven of his best games against and they all had losing records. With the exception of 7-9 K.C. they all lost 10 or more games. Plus, Manning struggled against the Patriots and the Ravens, a 9-7, team that failed to make the playoffs. Add in two wins against bad Packers and Vikings defenses and you see that maybe this season is the product of a cupcake schedule. Good call Sean. Because Marino's 48-yard touchdown pass season and record 5,000 yards which was accomplished without a 1,000-yard running back, let alone a 1,500-yard back like James pales in comparison. This guy played in the NFL and all he can do is look at numbers. Montana in 89, Young in 94 and Favre in 96 an 97 were virtually unstoppable while leading their teams to super bowls or super bowl appearances yet you're "clueless" if you think they had better seasons. No, Sean I think you are clueless and you gave more proof of that last night.
While Sean ultimately said Bill Cowher made the right call by trying to have Bettis score in the final two minutes he also admitted that he intially disagreed with the decision. Once again Sean shows how stupid he is. Only a moron would think that that was foolish when the Colts had all three timeouts. If the Steelers take a knee three times and kick a field goal the Colts get the ball back with over a minute and can win with a touchdown. If they take a knee four times the Colts get the ball with the same amout of time and start around the 5 but now only need a field goal to force overtime. So unless you're clueless when the Steelers take over you are saying, give the ball to Bettis, score the touchdown and end this thing once and for all. Yes, Sean disagrees at first. Good call Sean. That this guy has a job gives hope to everyone. I guess if you say enough moronic things you can get a job on tv.

Thank You, Dr. King...

DrFrankLives says it all.

One day on the calendar just isn't enough to thank you for all you did for this country.

The generous gifts of your words, your wisdom, your kindness, and, above all else, your vision, are gifts that we as Americans are not yet worthy of having bestowed upon us.

But I feel us getting closer each and every day...

Friday, January 13, 2006
Uniting Over There, Dividing Over Here?

PSoTD, in his usual clear-headed fashion raises a great question about the paradox of the Bush administration's approach to "bringing people together" in Iraq and/or the U.S...
Why do Bush backers think Bush can possibly bring Iraq's diverse political interests together to make a nation, when his experience over the past five years in the United States has been to accelerate the fracturing of America's political interests?

Polarizers can unite at the extremes, but that isn't a benefit for society...

Why don't Republicans ask themselves that question?

Kudos To The Maryland State Senate...

Today, they overrode Republican Governor Robert Erlich's veto of a measure that will force large companies like Wal-Mart to spend at least 8% of their payrolls on health benefits for their employees.

Imagine that, a legislative body that recognizes that companies shouldn't be able to reap enormous profits without treating it's employees with some degree of human decency.

It's just too bad that this legislative body is located about 35 miles too far to the east to have a national impact on Wal-Mart's atrocious treatment of it's employees.

Oh, and don't get your hopes up on that changing anytime soon, since Capitol Hill and the White House bathe themselves in Wal-Mart's money quite frequently...

P.S. You can now expect every Wal-Mart in Maryland to close within about a week...

UPDATE: Today's Baltimore Sun has a good article about the veto override. Contrary to the standard right wing talking points, Wal-Mart IS NOT the only company in Maryland with more than 10,000 employees...

The Flyers Make History And Reflect On History...

They made history last night by coming out of an NHL-season high 11-game road trip with an 8-2-1 record:
The Flyers finished their franchise record trip with an 8-2-1 record, setting a new NHL mark for the most wins on a single stretch of games away from home. Their 17 points on the trip is also a new league record, far surpassing the old mark of 13 points set by the 1968-69 Montreal Canadiens.
As far as reflecting on history goes, 30 years ago, the defending Stanley Cup champion Flyers took on the Central Red Army hockey team from the Soviet Union and became the first team to defeat them.

People often forget that 4 years before the "Miracle On Ice", the Flyers stared the Russian hockey menace in the face and beat their asses, 4-1...

Put On Your Laughing Hats!!!

You're gonna love this video...

Thursday, January 12, 2006
The Cocoon Of Fear's NFL Divisional Playoff Picks...

Alright, play time is over. I had some fun with you righties, just like you enjoying having some fun with me.

All is well and good. It's time for all of us (myself included) to come out and play nice.

On to the picks...

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks

Maybe I'm the only one, but I just don't buy the whole "The Redskins Are Back!" bit. They have a good D and a decent offense, but Mark Brunell is not the world-beater that everyone's making him out to be. Also, the Seahawks have everything to prove, and I think they'll rise to the occasion...Seahawks 31 Redskins 20

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

Or should I say, "Tom Brady vs. Jake the Fake"? Even at home, I would never take Plummer over Brady. It's lunacy. Even if I'm wrong about this pick, I'll still feel great about making the mistake of putting my faith in a guy that's 10-0 in the playoffs...Patriots 24 Broncos 17

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

If I were a betting man, I wouldn't bet on this game. It sounds crazy, but I just don't think either of these teams has the stuff to make it to the Super Bowl. In a pinch, I'll take the home team...Colts 20 Steelers 14

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

Rex Grossman vs. the Panthers' D. I rest my case...Panthers 17 Bears 6

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
The Bush Bounce Roars On...

38% Approval
54% Disapproval

He's flying high now, baby!!!

P.S. You conservatives are quiet today. What's up with that?

Trying A New Commenting Service...

Please let me know how the new interface is working.

Let's hear some feedback!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Our President: Serial Close Talker...

I can't believe I missed this gem!

Bush decides to "get a little closer" with his Supreme Court nominee.

12 seconds in, you can actually see Alito move back uncomfortably and give Bush a "step off, motherfucker" look.


P.S. Close talking aside, it's always disconcerting to see what mushmouth our President really is...

1994 For Republicans = 2006 For Democrats?

Maybe. Take a look at this...

For the first time since 1994, a plurality of Americans say most members of Congress don't deserve re-election. The 42% who say most members do deserve re-election is the same as in the first USA TODAY survey of 1994.

Typically, voters feel more favorably about their own representatives than they do most members of Congress. That's still true — 60% say their representative deserve re-election — but that figure is the lowest since 1994, and almost the same as in the first poll taken that tumultuous year.

Get to work, my Democratic brothers and sisters...

Somewhat Surprising NFL Standings 1979-2005...

I have to admit I was surprised at how high up on the list the Eagles placed. I guess their seasons just seem more painful than they actually are...

And yes, Dr. Masse, the 49ers are #1 with a bullet thanks to their 260-163 record, 18 playoff appearances and 5 Super Bowl victories...

The Donnybrook's Hall Of Fame Ballot...

Let me preface this by saying I'm a real hard-on about the Hall of Fame. I think too many lackluster players have made it in over the years. Don Sutton comes to mind, for example.

Everyone feel free to voice your opinions on this year's lackluster slate of possible inductees to the HOF. I'm getting my stats from BaseballReference.com.

Players I'd vote FOR:

Jim Rice
Lee Smith

Notable players I would NOT vote for:

Bert Blyleven
Goose Gossage
Andre Dawson
Bruce Sutter
Dale Murphy
Jack Morris
Alan Trammell
Don Mattingly
Orel Hershiser

Overall, I think this year's slate of candidates stinks.

Don't believe me? Consider the fact that Tony Gywnn and Cal Ripken, Jr. are on the ballot next year. Do any of this year's candidates belong in the same breath as those guys?

UPDATE: Bruce Sutter is the only player voted in for 2006. I don't understand how he makes it and Lee Smith doesn't, but whatever...

Monday, January 9, 2006
A Thing Of Beauty...

As I continue my fascination with Wikipedia, I find myself putting some really arcane stuff in that "Search" box.

This morning, I started think of drinking games.

What you see at the right is not a hoax, it's a game of Beirut, or as you Southerners call it "beer pong".

If my math skills are correct, there are 576 cups in the game.

It makes me want to weep...in the best possible way...

Eli Manning Sucks...

It's always good to see an overhyped, overmatched, prematurely-coronated-as-a-savior creampuff get what's coming to him.

Have a fun offseason, little boy.

Oh, and before you dog me for supporting a team that didn't make the playoffs, allow me to remind you that the Eagles scored just as many points yesterday as the Giants did...

Sunday, January 8, 2006
Another "(Fill In The Blank) Jesse Helms" Has Popped Up...

In 2004, Vernon Robinson was the "black Jesse Helms", only he was probably more even more hate-filled than ol' Jesse (really saying something), and far less successful.

Now, in 2006, the "young Jesse Helms" has popped up, and he's running for state Senate.

PSoTD has the details.

You gotta love the North Carolina Republican Party. Many of it's members idolize a vicious old racist that never grabbed more than 53% of the vote in any of his elections to the Senate.

And they wonder why Democrats run this state...

Anyone up for starting a betting pool on which (fill in the blank) Jesse Helms' the NC GOP will come up with next?

I'm putting my money on either Jewish Jesse Helms, female Jesse Helms, or gay Jesse Helms, although any truly gay Jesse Helms probably would've stuck his head in the oven once he realized he was gay...

Saturday, January 7, 2006
80% Of Fatal Upper Body Wounds To Soldiers In Iraq Didn't Need To Be So...

From the NY Times:
A secret Pentagon study has found that at least 80 percent of the marines who have been killed in Iraq from wounds to their upper body could have survived if they had extra body armor. That armor has been available since 2003 but until recently the Pentagon has largely declined to supply it to troops despite calls from the field for additional protection, according to military officials.

The ceramic plates in vests currently worn by the majority of military personnel in Iraq cover only some of the chest and back. In at least 74 of the 93 fatal wounds that were analyzed in the Pentagon study of marines from March 2003 through June 2005, bullets and shrapnel struck the marines' shoulders, sides or areas of the torso where the plates do not reach.

Thirty-one of the deadly wounds struck the chest or back so close to the plates that simply enlarging the existing shields "would have had the potential to alter the fatal outcome," according to the study, which was obtained by The New York Times.
But hey, you go to war with the army you have...

Oh, and Paul Bremer now says the Iraqi insurgency was unexpected.

Imagine that. The "finest" minds we've put in charge of running Iraq didn't expect that the invasion of a nation of millions could cause the slightest bit of pushback.

That's fantastic...

Friday, January 6, 2006
Lil' Ricky, Head Of "K Street Project", Put In Charge Of Ethics Reform By Bill Frist...

Which is hilarious on it's face, since Senator Sanctimonious has been known to flit around the country in Wal-Mart's corporate jet and recently pulled off a little quid pro quo at the expense of the National Weather Service.

What's funnier is that the K Street Project which Ricky currently heads, is the lobbying arm of Tom DeLay (R-Orange Jumpsuit) and Grover Norquist, two of the many conservative crooks currently enmeshed in the Abramoff scandal.

But what is most astonishing is that Sen. Frist has just unknowingly (or knowingly) signed Lil' Ricky's political death warrant.

Why, you ask?

Santorum's 2006 challenger, Bob Casey, Jr. (D), has been focused on ethical reform since he was elected to his first statewide office back in 1996. Arguably, his biggest mission (and biggest appeal to PA voters) has been his focus on cleaning up government.

Casey has gone so far as to put together a 6-point plan for ethical reform in Washington, should he be elected.

What's Casey's #1 point, you ask? Close the K Street Project.

How does Santorum look to Pennsylvania voters when he's in charge of "cleaning up" the GOP, but is knee-deep in one of it's most controversial operations?

The same way he always looks: Like a disingenuous boob.

And come November, he'll look like the FORMER junior Senator from Pennsyvania...

UPDATE: Ricky's attempt at an election year "Moderate Makeover" continues...Today, he's urging President Bush to appoint a non-partisan panel to evalute U.S. progress in Iraq.

Nice try, Ricky.

First you flip-flopped on veteran's benefits, then you tried to distance yourself from the intelligent design fiasco, now you want to look like a critic of Bush's war even though you've been a yes-man to your master from day one.

Yup, it's 2006 alright!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2006
The Heart Of The Matter: FEAR

I really wish I was better at this, because then I would be making the kind of points that Glenn Greenwald makes over at Hullabaloo. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus...
The argument which needs to be made is the one that we have seen starting to arise in the blogosphere and elsewhere: that living in irrational fear of terrorists and sacrificing our liberties and all of our other national goals in their name is the approach of hysterics and cowards, not of a strong, courageous and resolute nation.
Like beaten Rottweilers that piss on the floor at the mere sight of their angry masters, conservatives around the country (and on this site) claim to be so tough in the face of terrorism, yet it is they who cling to the notion that fear trumps everything in America when security becomes an issue.

Liberty, The Constitution, The Rule of Law, you name it, they'll happily give it up if you'll just pretty please make sure that the bad people won't blow them up.

No American institution is sacred when the shit hits the fan.

The best example that I can think of is the Bush Administration insisting that the Iraqi people bow to no terrorist as their nation is rebuilt, while simultaneously urging Americans to douse their drawers and cower in the name of national security whenever their civil rights become a hindrance in their desire to expand their powers.

I think this country can defeat terrorism AND maintain it's stature as a proud, respected, and virtuous model for the rest of the world.

But hey, that's just me...

Texas 41, USC 38...

Okay, I got the score wrong, but what a friggin' game that was!!!

A few thoughts before I let Dr. Masse's wisdom (and anger) wash over you:

1.) Does anyone else think Vince Young throws like a girl? I'm not saying he stinks, but his delivery is, let just say, a tad dainty...

2.) Matt Leinart is a little prick. After you lose a national championship game, the first words out of your mouth should not be "We're still the better team". Have fun getting pounded by the big boys next year, you moppy-haired asshole...

3.) Why has nobody assassinated Lee Corso?

Now to Dr. Masse's awesome postgame rant, which you can find in it's entirety here:

SUCK MY ASS USC YOU OVERRATED, OVERHYPED PIECES OF GARBAGE! Dr. Masse said all year that USC would not win the title because their defense stinks. And don't give that crap about how unstoppable their offense is. That shit catches up with you. ESPN proclaimed this USC team as one of the best to ever play the game..before they even freaking played Texas! They said they could beat the likes of 2001 Miami (which basically was a pro team)! Give me a break! So by ESPN's logic, Texas is now one of the two best teams to come along in the last 50 years of college football.

Mark May and Kirk Herbstreit you once again show your lack of intelligence, your bias toward USC, your ESPN mandated instant historian perspective and that any dickhead out there can get a broadcasting job as long as they keep saying stupid shit. Eat my ass and go cry with the rest of the Trojan fans. The refs bailed your asses out at Notre Dame but not tonight.
UPDATE: That didn't take long. Bill Simmons agrees with my take about Vince Young's awkward throwing motion.
Let's be honest -- there's no way Vince can succeed in the NFL with that throwing motion. It's impossible. It can't happen. I'm telling you. There has never been a successful NFL quarterback who threw like that. And by "that," I mean, "throws like someone who just realized they have dog poop on their hand and is trying to fling it off."

Wednesday, January 4, 2006
The Addictive Nature Of Wikipedia...

I think it's best evidenced in a category known as "United States History Stubs".

Essentially, this category is a listing of somewhat lesser-known events, people, and places throughout the history of our fine nation.

Not familiar with the "Greensboro Four"?

Look no further...

Never heard of the Anti-Nebraska Party?

Now you have...

Can't tell your Astor Place Riot from your Etowah Indian Mounds?

Now you can!!!

P.S. Another interesting idea is to do a search using your own name. Not surprisingly, Brian Anderson only turns up the shitty pitcher that plays for the Kansas City Royals.

Career ERA of 4.69. Way to make me proud, Fake Brian...

Reason #41827 To Get XM Satellite Radio...

The Ron & Fez Show

These guys are on from 11am to 2pm every weekday.

Ron is a cigar-chomping smartass ex-comedian from my neck of the woods: Delaware County, Pa.

Fez is an overweight, football-loving, pro wrestling-obsessed, effeminate homosexual with a bad ticker and diabetes. Think Paul Lynde meets Dom DeLuise meets the Elias Sports Bureau.

These guys are the fastest, funniest guys I've ever heard on radio. Amazing comic chops and great topicality.

Get satellite radio, for God's sake. Terrestrial radio is CRAP.

(With the possible exception of 850 The Buzz here in Raleigh)

Powerful Op-Ed In The Washington Post...

Just read it...

Congratulations To JoePa And The Nittany Lions...

Awesome season...11-1 record...Triple-OT Orange Bowl victory over hillbilly asswipe Bobby Bowden...

That's pretty good for a 79-year-old guy who could've lost his job about ten times over the last few years.

P.S. Upset prediction for tonight's Rose Bowl:

Texas 34
USC 28

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a funny feeling...

Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Republican Shitbag Jack Abramoff Pleads Guilty...

...and he'll be co-operating with his prosecutors, which could lead to the GOP being severely dented over the next few years.

The list of people that this slimeball has given his personal money to over the years reads like an absolute "Who's Who" of Republican assholes over the last 2 decades.

Here are just a few examples:

$1,000 05/12/94

$1,000 10/02/95

$500 09/30/96

$1,000 07/15/97

$1,000 04/28/00

$2,000 06/23/03

Here's some more info about Jack Abramoff...

P.S. If you righties think the Abramoff taint hits both Republicans and Democrats equally, you're friggin' nuts...

An Open Letter To Everyone That Bought Those Inflatable Holiday Yard Figures...


You thought you were being so cool and hip and unique, but EVERY OTHER HOUSE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PROBABLY HAD THEM!!!


I hope it was worth it!!!

I imagine by December 15th, you probably felt like the 100th kid in junior high that got his ear pierced to "show his individuality"...

Happy new year, folks. I can't wait to see what overused decorations you come up with next year...

Monday, January 2, 2006
The Republicans Aren't Making Us Safer...

Tell your friends, this isn't just a Bush problem, this is indeed a GOP (Congress and White House) problem.

Read AmericaBlog and learn...


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