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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The aforementioned new AIC...


"Check My Brain" by Alice in Chains


Tuesday got you down?

Here's one to grab it by the stones.

New AIC dropped today...and it's pretty sick.

Refused - New Noise

Monday, September 28, 2009
Puck Folanski

No link, Google "Roman Polanski" if you like. Dude gave a 13-year old alcohol and Quaalude and had sex with her. Dude finally taken into custody - thank you our Swiss friends. I hope dude rots in jail. I don't care that it was 1978. Some crimes are too sick to forgive because "it was so long ago." I don't care that dude was loved by Hollywood and that France doesn't have a problem with drugging minors for sex. I want dude extradited.

Sometimes Alcohol is the Answer...

Dry areas going wet, others liberalizing laws to generate extra revenue.

After looking into my crystal ball for about 3 seconds...

I can confidently predict that the Seahawks will never wear these lime green atrocities again...

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Hokies Rip "The U" A New One

  • "..Virginia Tech scored on a blocked punt in the second quarter and effectively beat No. 9 ranked Miami in all four phases of the game, coaching included. "
Congrats to SC G'cocks on the dismantling of Ole Miss. Next week's rankings will be shaken up a bit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
A Pure Distillation of All That is Wingnut
Get out that foam finger and chant USA! USA! (Thanks, Ballonjuice.com)

Cowboys Release Jerry Jones

The Onion reports that: "the decision to release Jones was influenced by the lack of any playoff victories in more than 12 years, the owner's distracting sideline antics, and his selfish, "me first" attitude, which many said was having a cancerous effect on the clubhouse."

The team also feared that Jerruh had the potential to be the next Al Davis.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
A Freudian slip if ever there was one...

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly refers to the U.S. flag as the "Stars and Bars".

Not quite, dumbass...

Wanna see something really scary?

This was my first "real" guitar...

As I recall, my brother found it in/around a dumpster and brought it home to his little brother...

Caribou Barbie heads overseas to shit-talk the U.S...

Once upon a time not too long ago, this sort of thing would get you tagged a traitor!

Former U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, criticized for her lack of foreign policy experience, emerged in Asia on Wednesday to share her views from "Main Street U.S.A." with a group of high-flying global investors.

In her first trip to the region, the former Alaska governor addressed an annual conference of investors in Hong Kong in what was billed as a wide-ranging talk about governance, economics and U.S. and Asian affairs.

Two US delegates left early, according to AFP, with one saying "it was awful, we couldn't stand it any longer." He declined to be identified.
I guess no one will care, since Palin actually knows less about foreign policy than the Dixie Chicks...

What Are the Odds Democrats Lose Control of the House in the 2010 Elections?

I'd put it at around 50% for now. For all those who keep singing the "dance with who brung ya" refrain, I would offer some caution from Charlie Cook:

...the Democrats' majority is built on a layer of 54 seats that the party picked up in 2006 and 2008 that are largely in purple -- or even red -- America. Democrats ought to keep in mind that 84 of their current House members represent districts won by President Bush in 2004 or John McCain in 2008.
Voters in general don't like Congress - regardless of who controls things. If Obama plays to far to the priorities of the deep-blue Dems, the odds of losing the House go way up. The Nut(Tea)Buggers may be loons, but they are fired up and will turn out to vote. Many stayed home in 2008 because McCain was not conservative enough for them. Add to that that the youth vote Obama did so well with historically does not turn out well in mid-term elections. I would love to get Nate Silver's thoughts on this.

What the hell kind of god-awful dog shit is this???

I really hate Gibson guitars...

Janie Hendrix Introduces The New Hendrix Model Guitar – A Gibson Family of Brands

What could possibly add to the enormity of Jimi Hendrix’s music legacy in 2009 — 39 years after the still-ruling sonic genius of electric guitar departed the planet?

How about an entirely new and unprecedented Jimi Hendrix guitar model designed by the Authentic Hendrix and Gibson? This astonishing about-to-be-unveiled guitar brand is destined to inspire a new generation of players as well as the legion of musicians already under the influence of Jimi’s magical sound and style.
So Gibson is desiging a guitar that was never played by Jimi, and marketing it as a Hendrix model.


Jimi occasionally played a Gibson Explorer, but can there honestly be any question as to which guitar he was known for playing?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
A Classic

If you've got $1 billion laying around...

...and you've already exceeded the amount of facial reconstruction that any man should ever have in a lifetime, buy yourself a cool new stadium!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009
Looking into Teabaggers' minds...

...and learning what their slogans really mean.

A truly noble effort by Buzzfeed.

Friday, September 18, 2009
I Love These Sort of Kooks

What a great way to legally and visibly make your point.
  • Activists across the U.S. parked themselves curbside Friday, taking up spaces reserved for cars and transforming them into mini parks with sod, potted plants, lawn chairs and even barbecue grills to raise awareness about how the auto has won the battle over public space in big cities.

ACC Poll

Who will be worse in football this year? Maryland or UVA

Another Issue for the Post-NFL Lockout Talks...

Which should begin sometime in 2011 when we all should be enjoying NFL on TV. The NFL will need to a) get big market and small market owners together b) get players to accept less of the overall pie c) get a rookie salary structure/cap d) somewhat appease retired players with health care dollars and now, either let the NFLPA in on the rulings on steroids or get an outside agency to handle it. There is a lot to be done and I am seriously doubting that there will be an NFL season in 2011. I hope to be wrong.

Mission: Impossible

I guess there is the need to keep up the show of trying to bring the Israeli-Palestinian problem towards some resolution, but really; what is there to work with? The Israeli's won't stop the settlements in the West Bank, and no Palestinian faction can keep the militants from firing rockets into Israel. Fatah and Hamas are both corrupt and violent. Israel has no interest in peace that involves giving up territory. What is the basis for the belief that this is a problem with a solution? I understand the need to keep trying, because to abandon Israel is to invite it's destruction given the sea of hostile despotic regimes it lives among. Egypt is excoriated by Muslim extremists for having come to terms, however tenuous, with Israel. And practically speaking, there is no reason to consider "Palestine" as a viable state. Are the Israelis supposed to have their country geographically divided to allow Gaza and the West Bank to connect? C'mon. Are the Palestinians in Gaza likely to stop attacking Israel for the many real grievances they have with the way Israel forces them to exist? No. Expect this blister in the sun to keep festering.

Have a mellow weekend...

I'll help you get started...

"Peg" by Steely Dan

!sdrawkcab taerg sdnuos neve tI

nelaH naV yb "noitpurE"

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Bush hatred vs. Obama hatred...

An emailer to Andrew Sullivan nails it...

After September 11th, Bush's approval ratings were near or above 90%. Practically the entire country was behind him - saluting and ready for duty. Yes, the Left did try to derail his plans for Iraq - but they failed. And when millions (actual millions) of Americans came out to protest that war - - it was largely ignored by the media. But when 70,000 lunatics came to DC last week to protest "Government Spending" (which, let's be honest, is a euphemism for "Barack Hussein Obama") - they got massive amounts of media coverage and hours of pundit commentary.

Every tea-party rally has been aggressively championed, and all-but-sponsored, by cable-news giant FOX. CODE PINK was almost completely ignored (which, as a liberal, I'm kinda glad about -- but I still stand behind my larger point). A couple went to a Bush rally wearing anti-Bush T-Shirts and got arrested. Guys standing outside Obama rallies openly carry guns and get interviewed by the media.

The heaviest hitters in the Republican party, and in the conservative media have loudly and proudly called for Obama's failure. Liberals who even softly criticized Bush were roundly shamed and called terrorist-loving-America-haters. George W. Bush, despite the controversial beginning of his presidency, was given the chance - - no, in fact, after 9/11, he was given all the unopposed freedom in the world to succeed or fail based upon his own decisions and his own performance. Bush EARNED his hatred.

Obama has not had that luxury.

He's not everybody's cup of tea...

...but in terms of creativity and musicianship, there aren't too many that can touch him.

Oh, and he makes the weirdest guitar faces I've ever seen...

"Blue Powder" by Steve Vai

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Sterling Sharpe needs to be in the Hall of Fame...

There are a lot of mysteries in life that leave me scratching my head. One that immediately comes to mind is this...

Why is Sterling Sharpe not in the Hall of Fame?

Sure, Sharpe only played seven seasons but it's what he did in those seasons that should put him in the Hall of Fame, especially when compared to receivers who have no business enshrined at Canton (Lynn Swann, I'm talking to you).

Look at what Sharpe did from 1988-94: He topped 1,100 yards five times, he had more than 65 catches six times, he had 90 or more catches four times and more than 100 twice. In his last three years before a neck injury ended his career, Sharpe 314 passes. He also led the league in receptions three times, in yards one and receiving touchdowns twice...and he did this while the greatest receiver ever, Jerry Rice, was in his prime.

Sharpe also broke the then single-season record for receptions in 1992 with 108--and then he topped his own record with 112 catches in 1993. An AVERAGE year for Sharpe consisted of 85 catches for 1,162 yards and nine touchdowns. Four times in seven years, Sharpe caught at least 11 touchdowns. It's not a stretch to say that if he did not suffer a neck injury, Sharpe might have made a run at Jerry Rice's records, something no other receiver has ever seriously done.

It's a testament to how good Sharpe was that in seven seasons he was a three-time first-team All-Pro and a five-time Pro Bowler. He also had 29 100-yard games.

Another measure of how great a player is how they play well in their team's biggest games. While vastly overrated players like Marvin Harrison always disappear in playoff games (two touchdowns and one 100-yard game in 16 playoff games), Sharpe topped 100 yards in both his playoff games and scored four touchdowns in them. Included was a memorable 101-yard, 3-touchdown performance at Detroit in the 1993 playoffs. Sharpe caught the game-winning touchdown pass in that game against the division champions before having six catches for 128 yards and a touchdown against eventual world champion Dallas a week later.

Oh and Sharpe also was a great blocker. Has Marvin Harrison ever made a block? Just curious. Oh and by the way, while an overated player like Harrison is scared to go over the middle and rarely breaks tackles, Sharpe was at his best making the tough catches over the middle and also was great at shedding tacklers after contact. He also had some of the best hands the game has ever seen, rarely dropping a pass.

So why is Sharpe not in the Hall of Fame? Basically because he did not cater to the media. It's sad, but true. Sharpe did not talk to the media during his playing days and now these oversensitive voters are foolishly making him pay. The Hall of Fame is supposed to be for the best players in NFL history and there is no doubt that Sharpe is one of them.

While Sharpe did not talk to the media, Lynn Swann was a media darling and that is why he is in the Hall of Fame. It is ridiculous that A, Swann is in the Hall of Fame (see a previous blog for plenty of explanation on why that is so) and that B, kissing the media's backside is a requirement by some voters to get into the Hall of Fame...why do you think Cris Carter is still not in the Hall of Fame. here's a hint...he was not beloved by the media.

The bottom line is Sharpe did a lot more than Swann did in less seasons. Remember those numbers Sharpe put up...Swann never even came close to 1,000 yards. And while Swann played nine seasons he was only an All-Pro once and made only three Pro Bowls. Oh, and he never led the league in anything...unless you count whining about physical defenses like the Raiders. Remember how Sharpe had 29 100-yard games? Swann--11. 11! And this guy is in the Hall of Fame? Sure, Swann played great in the super bowl but Sharpe had almost as many 100-yard playoff games in just two games as Swann did his entire career. An average year for Swann consisted of 37 catches for 609 yards and 6 touchdowns. Sounds like a decent No. 2 receiver in today's game now but that is about it. Swann might be the most overrated player of all-time and that he is in and Sharpe is not is an absolute joke.

Sharpe meets all the requirements. He was great, he was complete and he was clutch. And while a neck injury eventually ended his career, Sharpe was as durable as they came. In his seven seasons, Sharpe never missed a game. Swann played all of his team's games just twice in nine years.

Come on voters, you are making a mockery of the Hall of Fame. Give Sterling Sharpe the credit he deserves whether you liked him or not. The Hall of Fame is not for the most popular players--it is for the best players.

And when it comes to wide receivers they don't get much better than Sterling Sharpe...

Reconciliation Just Got More Likely
Unless the next week and a half produces a few Republican votes in the Senate, the Democrats have little incentive to not use the reconciliation process to pass a health care bill. This would lower the bar from 60 votes to 51, which would leave room for a few Senate Dems like Nelson to vote against and still have the bill pass. Sometimes called "the nuclear option" by whichever party is out of Executive power, there is a risk of backlash and difficulties getting a workable bill out of the House. But with no Republican support whatsoever, why keep trying unless you are willing to risk backlash to accomplish a major domestic agenda item for the first two years in office?

Update: The left is making its' displeasure known. The real test will be how many can swallow a health bill with problems instead of getting nothing done.What is the "trigger" that makes it too bad to vote for?

Rush Limbaugh: Race-baiting scumfuck...

Ladies and gentlemen, the leader of today's Republican Party...

My daughter should probably watch this...

...and learn what NOT to do when attending a Phillies game with Daddy!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
A Drummer I Have Always Admired...

RIP Patrick Swayze: Was he the silver screen's greatest "white trash hero"?

Given his roles in "Road House" and "The Outsiders", he has to be included in the conversation along with Nicholas Cage and Billy Bob Thornton...

The fashion show begins anew...

Mmmmmm...AFL throwbacks...

Even the referees got in on the fun!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009
Support your local tea-bagger...

They're doing the Lord's work out there...

No header will do this justice

At least George Lynch wasn't around for this...


Any questions, kitty fans?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Wise words from the Sports Guy re: NFL blackouts...

He raises a very good point about attendance at NFL games...

Blackouts of home games will become the signature media story of the 2009 season. You'll hear way too much about it. Here's my take: This isn't about the economy. It's about the fact that it's more fun to stay home and watch football than it is to sit in crappy seats to watch any team ranging from "lousy" to "mediocre." It just is. For many fan bases, here are the two choices every Sunday:

Door No. 1 (more expensive): Traffic, parking, long walk to stadium, lousy seats, lifeless state-of-the-art arena, TV timeouts, dead crowds, drunk/bitter fans, more TV timeouts, hiked-up concession prices, PDAs with jammed signals as you're searching for scores, even more TV timeouts, long walk to car, even more traffic.

Door No. 2 (less expensive): Sofa, NFL package, HD, fantasy scores online, remote control toggling, gambling, access to scores, seven straight hours of football, cell phone calls, beer and food in fridge, no traffic.

I can see going through Door No. 1 once a year just to remind yourself that going to an NFL game sucks. But eight times a year? Unless you had good seats, or unless this was your only excuse to get out of your house and get plastered, why would you? It's a blue-collar sport with white-collar ticket prices. This blackout trend would have happened whether the economy was suffering or not.
Makes perfect sense to me...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
At long last...

Here's Power Play!!!

That's me on guitar, and Mr. Drumsalad on the drums, mullet and cheesy 80's shades...

Saint Ronnie was "The Great Indoctrinator"?

Take a look...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
A Master Musician Plays Bass

Vic is the man.

Monday, September 7, 2009
Pittsburgh Pirates Put Another Notch in Their Futility Belt
  • "The Chicago Cubs assured the Pittsburgh Pirates of a record-breaking 17th consecutive losing season"
Wow. At least Pittsburghers have the Steelers.

Friday, September 4, 2009
If It Weren't for Al Davis and Jerry Jones...

Dan Snyder would be vying for the title of least-liked owner in football. As Boswell notes in his article:

The Redskins have a right to enforce contracts. But that doesn't make it right. No wonder there are few rebukes in this town as insulting as, "That sounds like something Dan Snyder might do."

Feel the love! For a team with long waiting list and a history of sellouts stretching way back, this seems like a move calculated to garner all the negative press possible. They couldn't have let the ticket holders offer their tix to the next people in line for seats in their price-range? Did the money the Redskins won in settlements and judgments cover their legal costs?
All this comes after finding out just fews days ago that brokers were getting tix that waiting-list fans got no shot at. Snyder may be able to generate a lower approval rate than the US Congress. That would be an impressive accomplishment.

President Obama urges kids to stay in school, conservatives shit themselves...

Josh Marshall nailed it:

Barack Obama definitely the first black man to get attacked by the right for telling kids to work hard and stay in school.
That's where the Republican Party is right now, bitching at a President they hate for having the temerity to tell kids to stay in school.


The NFL is Going Do It's NHL Impression...

...in 2011.

And in 2010, there is not going to be a salary cap. Both players and owners know it. Some fans are in denial because they don't want it to be so or they think it too stupid of both owners and players to fail to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. But fans in the latter category fail to factor in human nature.

Without any substantive negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement, Goodell said Thursday team owners are preparing for an uncapped 2010 season, the final year of the current deal that the owners opted out of last year. And though he says the owners are not heading for a lockout, the owners have yet to put an offer on the table for the union to start with. The two sides cannot even agree as to what percentage of actual revenues the players are getting since 2006.

...message being sent to players by the union: The money spigot could soon be turned off.

...there are ominous predictions of a lengthy work stoppage that could wipe out the 2011 season...

Consider that the league minimum salary (about $295,000 in 2008) makes each NFL player a member or the top 5% of annual household earnings. Consider, too, that most owners make more each year than the highest paid players in the league. There will not be much sympathy for either side when they have their public feud and piss off fans by shortening or entirely missing the 2011 season.

But both sides know something about the fans and their anger: once the NFL comes back, so will its fans. Fan anger rarely lasts in big numbers. There may still be a few baseball fans who have not forgiven MLB for missing a season in the mid-90's, but there are not enough to matter financially to the league. So ignore all the articles and comments you will read over the next few years about how both sides are killing the goose that lays the golden egg and how fans will punish the league by staying away. That will all be blustery BS.

Both players and owners are going to have face the fact that people aren't going to be spending as much on NFL games and merchandise for a while. With 12 teams facing potential blackouts, there is no shortage of problems on the horizon for the NFL. Enjoy this season for now, don't expect another "regular" season before 2012.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Where is the line drawn where a drink becomes "too girly" for a man to drink?

I think it may be the margarita. If you get any girlier than that (daiquiri, pina colada, etc.), you could be in some real trouble.

Also, is wine (red or white) strictly a woman's drink? I think it might be...

In honor of the start of the college football season...

...RealClearSports came up with a very cool question: What are the top 10 College Football entrances?

Here's what they came up with for #1. It's a tough one to argue with...

Pat Buchanan: Hitler didn't really want war, but Poland and Britain were mean to him...

This guy really can say anything and hang on to his gig at MSNBC, can't he?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Why passing healthcare reform is so hard...

One big reason is that many of the people in the media tasked with helping the public get all the information they can about reform are either A) completely in the tank for those who oppose reform, B) completely fucking stupid, or C) both.

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo falls into the "C" category.

Watch as she asks 44-year-old Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) why he isn't on Medicare...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
The Consumers Have Spoken...

DETROIT - The Cash for Clunkers program boosted sales at Ford, Toyota and Honda in August as consumers snapped up their fuel-efficient offerings, but rivals Chrysler Group LLC and General Motors Co. withstood another month of falling sales.
The deaths of GM and Chrysler were put on hold by the bail-outs and buy-outs. There is a lot of consolidation coming in the car industry.

NC State's new basketball unis: D.O.A.

Thank God. These things are atrocious...


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