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The Donnybrook
Friday, February 27, 2009
This guy is the "future" of the Republican party???

Wow. That whole Sarah Palin thing is making a lot more sense right now...

UPDATE: He does realize that this isn't a campaign speech for his 2012 Presidential campaign, doesn't he?

2nd UPDATE: As it turns out, Jindal's anecdote about his experience during Hurricane Katrina was a lie.

This guy is going places!!!

Today's GOP is so damn hip!!!

True 'dat, yo...

A problem I have with my side of the ideological spectrum...

Far too many of my fellow liberals have become way to sensitive about stupid people and the stupid things they say and do.

Case in point:

A moronic owner of a pastry shop in New York City "commemorates" the inauguration of Barack Obama by selling "Drunken Negro Head" cookies.

Obviously, the guy is a racist douche, and his apology probably doesn't carry too much weight, but why give the guy any more attention? Don't shop at his store. Case closed. Right?

What I really don't understand is this:

Last Thursday, the chief of staffs of State Senator Tom Duane and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn phoned Kefalnios in a conference call to tell him that the two local politicians were urging him and his employees to undergo "a training" by the New York State Division of Human Rights.

"I agreed to do it, because I felt maybe it was the right thing to do," Kefalnios said. "Maybe they’re right, I do need a little bit of sensitivity." But he said he’s so busy — working 15 hours a day, seven days a week — he might have to do the training online.
Sensitivity training? Really? Is it really the job of elected officials to police the racism of their consitutents?

The Imus dust-up two years ago made me feel the same way. Everybody knew Imus was a racist douche, but the controversy that was ginned up after his comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team was pointless, especially since he'd said far worse things way before that.

He's a crotchety, unfunny old fart. Why put more weight into his words than he deserves? Don't listen to his show.

I expect right-wing religious wackos like Bill Donohue to get bent out of shape over every comment they don't agree with, but I expect my side to respect the fact that free speech includes speech that you don't like, first and foremost...

Thursday, February 26, 2009
I've changed my mind...

This is my favorite comment about Bobby Jindal's dopey speech from two nights ago.

From Gail Collins at the New York Times...

Louisiana has gotten $130 billion in post-Katrina aid. How is it that the stars of the Republican austerity movement come from the states that suck up the most federal money? Taxpayers in New York send way more to Washington than they get back so more can go to places like Alaska and Louisiana. Which is fine, as long as we don’t have to hear their governors bragging about how the folks who elected them want to keep their tax money to themselves. Of course they do! That’s because they’re living off ours.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
My favorite comment about Bobby Jindal's disastrous speech...

Nate Silver at 538...

"If it sounds like Jindal is targeting his speech to a room full of fourth graders, that's because he is. They might be the next people to actually vote for Republicans again."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
What a difference four years makes...

From this...

...to this...

...in just two election cycles.

Great job, America!!!

(h/t DailyKos)

My God, he's good...

Analysis will come later. Right now, I'm just so glad this guy is our President...

For Brian, et al...

I'm not sure how he managed to stay under everyone's radar considering this was his last band...

Ghost of You - Andy Timmons

Yet another reason to love "Chuck"...

Has any television show in recent memory made such great use of classic tunes?

Case in point from last night...

"Africa" by Toto

Trivia: Who else caught the "Spies Like Us" reference from last night's episode?

Monday, February 23, 2009
America, you made the right choice...

Behold, Barack Obama being a President, and John McCain being a douche...

For all their tough talk...

...it's amazing to realize how many conservatives are, at their core, paranoid, frightened, and thin-skinned pussies...

Another GOP Congressman believes FDR caused the Great Depression...

Dear Lord, they're a dumb lot...

U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt made the most pointed criticism of it in his speech Friday night: "I guess you can't be Franklin Roosevelt if you don't create a depression," he said of President Barack Obama.
Rep. Blunt wants to be a U.S. Senator, by the way. He won't be, but it's funny that he thinks he could...

Wanna know what I saw this weekend?

A bumper sticker proclaiming the following:

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For John McCain
Is this really where were are as a nation? We're one month into the Obama Administration, and it's already considered a dismal enough failure to warrant that kind of sentiment?

The presidency of George W. Bush was one of the worst in our nation's history, but did any of us really know that in February of 2001?


Republican Senator predicts the death of Supreme Court Justice in order to rally the base...

I can't believe this sicko is one of the Phillies' all-time greatest pitchers.

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning predicted over the weekend that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would likely be dead from pancreatic cancer within nine months.

During a wide-ranging 30-minute speech on Saturday at the Hardin County Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner, Bunning said he supports conservative judges "and that's going to be in place very shortly because Ruth Bader Ginsburg … has cancer."

"Bad cancer. The kind that you don't get better from," he told a crowd of about 100 at the old State Theater.

"Even though she was operated on, usually, nine months is the longest that anybody would live after (being diagnosed) with pancreatic cancer," he said.
Nothing but class from the Grand Old Party...

UPDATE: Bunning is out with the classic Republican "non-apology apology". Shocker there...

Friday, February 20, 2009
Although I don't normally dig the Southern rock vibe...

...the groove of this tune is infectious. Great guitar work, too...

"Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Thursday, February 19, 2009
The real problem with CNBC...

Putting it mildly, they are a bunch of self-styled "defenders" of the American free market system who are, in reality, nothing but Republican hacks recycling the same talking points and bad ideas that got us into this economic mess.

They have one guy on staff (Steve Liesman) with some degree of common sense, and he is regularly set up as a prop to be shouted down by one (or more) of their loudmouth conservative blowhards.

Oh, and they give naive people bad ideas about how to invest their money.

So, in summation: Rick Santelli, you're a fucking idiot...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The new head of the Republican National Committee happily cheers the failure of the U.S. economy...

Michael Steele, engaging in what would be considered anti-American sentiment, if he were a Democrat...

I’m telling the party leadership around the country, don’t believe the hype. There will be a slight uptick, it will flat-line, and it will continue to go down.
The new face of the Republican party belongs to a miserable old douche, just like the old one...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Ranking all 42 previous U.S. Presidents...

Here's the top 10, according to C-Span's Survey of Presidential Leadership...

Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy
Thomas Jefferson
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Woodrow Wilson
Ronald Reagan
No surprises here. These lists don't tend to change much from year to year, because no one is going wake up one morning and say "You know who was a great president? John Tyler!"

In more current news, the laughable George W. Bush impacted the list in two big ways: First, by debuting at a paltry #36, then by making Bill Clinton look so good by comparison that he jumped from #21 (in 2000) to #15 this year...

Friday, February 13, 2009
Give Credit Where It's Due
This would not have happened if not for all of the attention brought to bear on Wal-Mart's employment policies in the past, but it's a good thing to have a big industry leader like this on board.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I'm not sure which is worse...

A new Gallup poll reveals two very depressing findings:

1.) Only 39% of Americans believe in evolution. 25% of Americans do not, dinosaurs be damned.

2.) 36% of Americans don't have an opinion on evolution.

#1 is depressing. #2 is downright scary...


There’s probably enough that’s been written about the queen of all welfare whores whose image is thrust upon us perpetually since a group of imbeciles in white coats decided to inoculate this moron and then go beaming all over the media as though they had isolated a cure for cancer. But this one has really rubbed me raw.

Maybe I’m just irate because I’m one of the legions that get to recite the phrase “I’m in between jobs” to any number of sneering receptionists who seemingly have no qualm about charging me $400 to treat an ear infection in my daughter. I’d probably be even angrier if I lived in the state that’s going to cover most of the tab considering their financial woes. But I’m truly sick of get fisted by this “profession.” The idea that it’s justifiable to charge a kidney for fixing a kidney due to quality of care is a myth. And by myth, I mean horseshit. This bloated leech and the “professionals” who aided and abetted should all be made examples of because the root cause of all of this is a complete lack of responsibility from the top to the bottom. She spewed out a plethora of kids – but you and I are the only ones who got f*cked in this whole affair.

Do you believe reproduction is a right?

Probably the biggest reason the GOP is in a downward spiral...

Too many of their members are morons who will happily revise American history in order to fit their narrow ideology.

Here's Rep. Steve Austria (R-OH) commenting on the stimulus plan:

"When (President Franklin) Roosevelt did this, he put our country into a Great Depression," Austria said. "He tried to borrow and spend, he tried to use the Keynesian approach, and our country ended up in a Great Depression. That's just history."
So, FDR caused the Great Depression...which began four years before he became President.

With minds like that in it's ranks, the Republican party is in great shape for the future!

UPDATE: In true dipshit form, Rep. Austria is trying to claim he didn't say that FDR caused the Great Depression, even though that's exactly what he said...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I can literally feel the jealousy coarsing through my veins...

Synopsis: Loyal Phillies fan gets into Game 5 of the World Series for free, sneaks into the best seats in the stadium and finds himself on the field and in the locker room celebrating the city's first championship in 25 years with the players that made it happen.

Hoooooo-leeeee shit...

Monday, February 9, 2009
You can go ahead and mail those Grammys to Satch...

Sure they apologized to Paul McCartney for stealing the Sgt. Pepper's look, but these British milquetoasts should be on their hands and knees thanking Joe Satriani for writing such a great tune that just won them a shitload of Grammys...

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Sterioids in NFL vs. Baseball

Good article from NBC Sports on Dana Stubblefield getting off easy because he is naming names to prosecutors on steroids in the NFL.

Saturday, February 7, 2009
When Disparate Minds Agree...

Yglesias and Mankiw largely agree. FICA cuts should be a part of the stimulus package. But hell,if immediate stimulus is what we want, why not just give every taxpayer a $2,000 debit card? Or just have bombers drop bales of $20's from 20K feet? :)

Do the Schadenfreude Shuffle

A-Fraud joins Bonds and Clemens
. But worry not, it's only baseball. The grass growing in the outfield is more exciting. My only gratification comes when the Sawx and Yanx lose, and even better would be a year where neither purchased team makes the playoffs.

Friday, February 6, 2009
This is exactly what I think of "bipartisanship"...

John Cole just happened to write it...

I really don’t understand how bipartisanship is ever going to work when one of the parties is insane. Imagine trying to negotiate an agreement on dinner plans with your date, and you suggest Italian and she states her preference would be a meal of tire rims and anthrax. If you can figure out a way to split the difference there and find a meal you will both enjoy, you can probably figure out how bipartisanship is going to work the next few years.

That's my President!

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Since it was mentioned...

Here's a great tune from a horrible movie, Caddyshack II.

Let it be known that trading Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight for Jackie Mason and Robert Stack is like trading a sunny day in Maui for the HIV.

"Nobody's Fool" by Kenny Loggins

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
A random thing about me that I'm not necessarily proud of...

I love the song that's playing in "The Silence of the Lambs" when Buffalo Bill is dancing with his junk tucked between his legs.

Not the scene, just the song...

"Goodbye Horses" by Q. Lazzarus

Obama's Republican pick for Commerce insists that "This is not a time for partisanship."...

Which is exactly why his first condition for taking the job was that New Hampshire's Democratic governor would fill his Senate seat with another Republican.

They don't even try to hide their bullshit. Minority status will do that to a political party...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
The leaders of today's Republican party...

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Joe the Plumber.

No, that link will not take you to The Onion...


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