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The Donnybrook
Friday, February 3, 2006
The Donnybrook's Super Bowl Prognostications...

Let me start off by saying it is simply unjustifiable that the NFC's #1 seed is a 4-point underdog against the AFC's #6 seed.

While I agree the AFC was much tougher this year than the NFC, it wasn't that much tougher.

At the worst, this game is a pick'em...But I digress.

The popular sentiment is way too heavily in the Steelers' favor for me to be comfortable picking them, and I really think the lack of respect the Seahawks have gotten will light a fire under them.

Here are my picks...

Seattle Seahawks 27
Pittsburgh Steelers 21
Super Bowl MVP: Matt Hasselbeck
It pains me to say Hasselbeck will take the MVP honors, since his obnoxious holier-than-thou sister-in-law will be unbearable for a good 6 months afterwards...

UPDATE: Click here for Dr. Masse's excellent preview of the game.

Dr. Masse's Picks:
Seattle Seahawks 24
Pittsburgh Steelers 21
MVP: Matt Hasselbeck
Great minds think alike at the Donnybrook...

2nd UPDATE: "Cracked" has a hilarious mock-up of ESPN's Super Bowl coverage. Check it out...


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