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The Donnybrook
Friday, March 3, 2006
Bill Hicks Live

"Actually, I'm against drugs being legalized, and this is why. Last weekend, my friend and I went into a farm, took some mushrooms, and we sat on a field. I looked up into the sky and saw God. He told me that there is nothing to fear, that he loves every single creature on this planet, and he showered gifts of forgiveness and love onto the Earth, and I realised that there was nothing to fear, and I loved everything ... Now, if that isn't a bad thing for this country, I don't know what is. How can we continue to make weapons if we love everything?"

--Bill Hicks
This week's DVD recommendation is collection of comedian Bill Hicks' early work.

It includes his HBO One-Night Stand, which was the first experience I had with his stand-up.

Before passing away in 1994, Hicks provided ferocious, honest, and absolutely acidic social commentary on a society oft-obsessed with sheer mediocrity.

Check it out...


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