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The Donnybrook
Monday, April 3, 2006
Bye, Scumbag...I Hope You Look Good In Orange...

Tom DeLay quits his re-election campaign. Presumably, to spend more time with his family (read as: his legal team)...

Bye Bye, Bug Man!!!

Hello, Congressman Nick Lampson!!!

UPDATE: Josh Marshall raises a great point for all those GOP'ers hoping that DeLay's decision will be the solution to their little ethical lapses.
So DeLay is out. But it's DeLay's House. DeLay's Republican DC machine. They built and fortified it with the money he brought in. The great majority of them voted for the "DeLay Rule" custom tailored for Majority Leader DeLay to avoid stepping down even after indictment. The current Republican membership of the House ethics committee was hand-picked to provide protection for DeLay and the old membership was purged. He's their guy. Their rule rests on his machine. They can run but they can't hide.


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