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The Donnybrook
Thursday, April 6, 2006
Hopefully, Massachusetts Will Become A Model For Other States...

A major goal of our society should be that those who need health care can get it, whether they're rich or poor.

The plan passed by Massachusetts' Democratic legislature which will be signed by their Republican governor looks like a brilliant healthcare plan that most people could support.
Massachusetts is set to become the first state to set up a system of virtually compulsory health insurance in the only major industrial nation not to have universal care.

The northeastern state's Democratic-controlled legislature passed a law on Tuesday night setting out the system. The Republican governor, Mitt Romney, said he will sign the law with only minor modifications.

The legislation requires that all of the state's population of about 6.3 million people have medical insurance by July 1, 2007.

No new taxes are planned but employers with more than 10 staff -- who do not provide health insurance -- will have to make a contribution of about 295 dollars per worker. The plan will cost about 1.2 billion dollars over three years.

Massachusetts residents who are already covered will see their contributions fall slightly while the poor will receive improved coverage and public subsidies to help them pay.

Those who do not have insurance and refuse to subsribe to health insurance will face mounting tax penalties.

Under the plan, some 515,000 people in the state without health insurance will get it within three years. This represents about 95 percent of the uninsured.
I really hope the higher-ups of the national Democratic party are paying attention...


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