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The Donnybrook
Thursday, September 6, 2007
For Whatever Reason You Want to Cite...

Troop levels in Iraq will begin to fall by next spring/early summer. Why? Despite attempts to claim "success" and "progress" or that troops are making us seem like an occupier (we are, however noble our intentions, an occupying force), the real reason is that we cannot sustain the surge troop levels. This President's stubborn insistence on using military force is hollowing out the ground forces. Does he really believe we are "kicking ass" in Iraq? The ducking fumbass probably does. The Army has lowered it's standards for admission, raised the age limit a couple of times, reduced the remedial training individuals used to get before being sent to more advanced group training, dramatically increased bonuses for signing on or reenlisting, and repeatedly lowered it's recruiting numbers goals (to avoid the appearance of problems). Of course troop level will come down. It simply has nothing to do with "conditions on the ground" in Iraq.


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