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The Donnybrook
Thursday, September 27, 2007
More Favorites!

John's cool topic the other day got me to thinking about more favorites. Maybe we can get more of a feel for what makes the people that post on here tick...Away we go!

Favorite Football player of all-time: Joe Montana
Favorite Baseball player of all-time: Eddie Murray
Favorite non-NFL uniform: Baltimore Orioles home unis
Favorite team of all-time (specific year): 1989 49ERS
Favorite sporting event you ever watched: The 49ERS beating the Cowboys 38-28 in the 1994 NFC championship. That was two years of frustration being released in what great gigantic swoop and I never recall being more euphoric during a game than when I was in the first seven and a half minutes when the Niners hung 21 straight points on our archrivals. Funny side note. I was still glowing from the victory hours after it ended when I was out with my girlfriend that night. We were making out in her car and the thought that was running through my mind was..."They did it! The Niners are going back to the super bowl! Woo hoo!"
Favorite song: In my Life by the Beatles...I've requested that this song be played at my funeral because I want my family and friends and the people who have enriched my life to know how I feel about them.
Favorite Movie: Rocky
Favorite quote: "Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?!"--Marv Levy, Buffalo Bills
Favorite President: Teddy Roosevelt
Favorite college subject: The history of Rock and Roll
Favorite high school subject: American history
Favorite Sound: My daughter laughing
Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Coke
Favorite food: quarter pounder from McDonalds and mashed potatoes
Favorite TV show past or present: Tie between Seinfeld and The Wonder Years
Favorite football movie: All the Right Moves (captures the emotions of high school football for the players and commuity perfectly)
Favorite Movie quote: "Hey, Dad...you wanna have a catch?" Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams....gets me every time


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