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The Donnybrook
Monday, September 24, 2007
Send In Your Nominations for This Week's Sports Idiots

I am nominating DeAngelo Hall in football and Milton Bradley in baseball. Hall showed that he is a temperamental crybaby who cannot control himself. DeAngelo, Tech has had enough embarrassment from it's former players. Get a grip and just play ball. Idiot.

I don't care if Bradley was baited by the ump -with all the shit umps take from players it ought to be o.k. to tell them they are full of shit. But no matter....if the ump baited him the way to get him is to keep your cool and call the commissioners office after the game. Apparently Milton has never kept his cool. His flip out and subsequent injury at the hands of his manager (you cannot make this stuff up any funnier than it happens) is entirely his fault. He brought it on himself with his temper. I wish his manager had the balls to say that instead of attacking the ump. I hope this means we see less Milton in the future, I don't care how well he hits.


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