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The Donnybrook
Sunday, September 2, 2007
Sir Mike Has it Right
The administration has been slamming the Brits lately for the deteriorating conditions in southern Iraq, while bristling at any suggestion that the surge is anything less than a success. The security situation in the south HAS been deteriorating. That's because of increased tension among Shi'ites, not a lack of British efforts. (Bush "surged" more troops to Baghdad than Britain has in Iraq overall.) It is all part of the consequences of taking over a nation with no realistic plan for what to do after the initial kinetic fights are over. Our plan seems to have been, "Let's just hope it all works out......." Hope is not a plan. "Superb job, Don." (That last line was uttered by the idiot in the White House who cannot remember why "his plan" of keeping the Iraqi Army in tact was not followed.)

UPDATE: Sir Mike is not alone.


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