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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
United Auto Workers wins a victory for the American middle class...

Very good news out of Detroit...

The United Auto Workers and General Motors Corp. agreed Wednesday to a tentative contract that ends a two-day national strike — the first against the automaker in 37 years — and puts responsibility for retirees' health care into the union's hands.

GM and the UAW confirmed that the deal creates a GM-funded, UAW-run trust to administer retiree health care. The two sides gave no other details, but a person briefed on the contract told The Associated Press that it also would give workers bonuses and lump-sum payments and would pay newly hired workers at lower rates. The person requested anonymity because the contract talks are private.
Even after 30+ years of erosion at the hands of corporate interests and conservative politicians, organized labor is still a vital tool for preserving and protecting the interests of the American middle class.

Good for UAW...


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