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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Virginia is officially in play...

Wow. Look at these numbers from SurveyUSA:
Clinton (D) 50% Giuliani (R) 44%
Clinton (D) 50% Thompson (R) 43%
Clinton (D) 53% Romney (R) 38%
Obama (D) 46% Giuliani (R) 45%
Thompson (R) 47% Obama (D) 45%
Obama (D) 50% Romney (R) 38%
Edwards (D) 48% Giuliani (R) 43%
Edwards (D) 49% Thompson (R) 39%
Edwards (D) 52% Romney (R) 33%
Add into this the fact that Democrats will be turning out in droves to elect Mark Warner as their new Senator, and you can only reach one conclusion:

The GOP is in deep shit...

UPDATE: Did anyone else notice who is the only Democratic candidate who breaks 50% against all 3 Republicans?

That's right! The supposedly "unelectable" Hillary Clinton.


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