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The Donnybrook
Thursday, September 13, 2007
Your next Senator from the state of Virginia...

It kills me that a mere one state away, they'll have two fantastic Democratic Senators in 2009.

Truth be told, this seat is such a lay-up for Mark Warner, the only entertaining thing about the race will be watching ideologue/blockhead Jim Gilmore and "moderate" Tom Davis kill each other in the Republican primary...

UPDATE: Just how bummed are the Republicans that Warner is running? Look at this poor excuse for a reaction:

Republicans reacted coolly to the anticipated announcement. "We're glad to see Mark Warner finally made a choice on which office to run for — I guess he got tired of waiting by the phone for a presidential campaign to call," said Rebecca Fisher, spokeswoman for the GOP campaign committee.
Wow. She certainly brought out the sharp knives for that one...


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