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The Donnybrook
Thursday, February 12, 2009

There’s probably enough that’s been written about the queen of all welfare whores whose image is thrust upon us perpetually since a group of imbeciles in white coats decided to inoculate this moron and then go beaming all over the media as though they had isolated a cure for cancer. But this one has really rubbed me raw.

Maybe I’m just irate because I’m one of the legions that get to recite the phrase “I’m in between jobs” to any number of sneering receptionists who seemingly have no qualm about charging me $400 to treat an ear infection in my daughter. I’d probably be even angrier if I lived in the state that’s going to cover most of the tab considering their financial woes. But I’m truly sick of get fisted by this “profession.” The idea that it’s justifiable to charge a kidney for fixing a kidney due to quality of care is a myth. And by myth, I mean horseshit. This bloated leech and the “professionals” who aided and abetted should all be made examples of because the root cause of all of this is a complete lack of responsibility from the top to the bottom. She spewed out a plethora of kids – but you and I are the only ones who got f*cked in this whole affair.

Do you believe reproduction is a right?


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