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The Donnybrook
Monday, March 9, 2009
Take Me to Your Leader

So is it Steele, Rush, Sarah, Mitt, Sam(Joe)? Who? Eye of Newt?

Republicans.....who are you and what are you about? You don't need to really decide on a standard-bearer until 2010, but just what is the GOP in agreement with itself about? That would be a start. Perhaps the 2009 Governor's races will give hope, with both VA and NJ is play. But the GOP has yet to make any headway on its identity. Will this party punish Snowe and Collins for aiding Obama? Will it force Arlen Specter to switch (back) to the Democratic party/oust him in the primary for a sacrificial candidate in To0mey? It boils down to this: does the GOP aim to fire up it's base or move toward moderates? No having it both ways when you have made the sort of bedfellows the GOP has. The GOP will almost undoubtedly pick up seats in the House in 2010, but the Senate is a different question. The longer the indecision by the GOP as to what it really stands for, the worse the damage will be. Nat Silver suggests we will know Steele's fate after March 31st.


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