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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Will North Carolina get rid of its backward-ass blue laws?

Is anyone still pious enough to support these antequated laws?

The liquor industry wants to make it legal for liquor stores and bars to sell booze on Sunday, a move that would erase the final remnant of the church-driven "blue laws" in North Carolina.

Legislation filed Tuesday would let cities and counties open their local Alcoholic Beverage Control stores and allow restaurants and bars to serve liquor on Sundays.

The recession is buoying the bill's prospects. The longstanding resistance to selling distilled spirits on Sunday may weaken in a state grasping for revenue. Gov. Beverly Perdue proposed balancing next year's state budget partly on a higher alcoholic beverage tax. Liquor industry analysts project that North Carolina would get at least an additional $5.5 million in tax revenue by allowing sales on Sundays.
If you can make a case in favor of keeping blue laws on the books, please feel free...


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