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The Donnybrook
Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm not going to make a link to the story because it's not only one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen, but also extremly infuriating. There is zero reason to add one more needless piece of mental refuse to loyal readers of this blog.

First they felt the need to inundate me with their continual media barrage of incessant bullshit that I somehow need to be able to print a label from a phone to better serve my masters or buy a textbook by matching a picture (guess what kids? If you’re buying books based on matching the cover it might be an indicator that you have a future rushing Sigma-Alpha-Dipshit.) I honestly laughed when they started promoting the fact that people now had the ability to reach me anywhere on the planet at anytime under the guise that this was “cool.” I’m sure there were – wait- I know there is no shortage of sheeple who swallowed that tasty tidbit without a second thought that the ultimate wage-slave leash had now been not only developed but unleashed upon them much to their excitement. Awesomeness.

But today I read about a “game” for shaking a baby to death. When consumers aren’t to busy playing with their shrines to self-glorification, a little infanticide will surely help the time go by. It only took public outcry for someone within your vacuum to decide this wasn’t a good thing to do.

Here’s an idea – Steve Jobs, make an “app” for you and your corporate cronies to go fuck yourselves. If any of you semi-aspirating piles of feces had a remote clue you’d be shelling out as much of your god as possible to groups that treat and prevent the abuse of children. But I suppose it makes more sense to make some more commercials since babies don’t buy your products anyway.

Normally I wouldn’t call upon the masses to try and financially injure a company as much as possible, but this has crossed a line. Thanks to public schools I established a long time ago your products are crap. But now I know exactly how rotten the core of this Apple really is.


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