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The Donnybrook
Friday, April 17, 2009
What's more patriotic than threatening to secede from the Union?

Texas Governor Rick Perry is another Republican asshole who closed his eyes as George W. Bush bankrupted this country and generally shit on the principles that make this country great, but now feels Barack Obama is doing the wrong thing by trying to clean up the mess.

He goes so far as to say that his dusty shithole of a state might secede from the union if, you know, some good conservative stuff doesn't start happening really soon.

I honestly couldn't have anticipated how quickly anti-Americanism would spread through the Republican base once President Obama was sworn in.

Luckily, they only comprise about a quarter of the population. The rest of us think the President is doing a good job...

UPDATE: Rich's comment on the topic of Texas secession deserves some front-page space of its own:

I don't see where Texas seceding from the union is a bad thing.

1. The national IQ of the remaining 49 states will go up by several points.

2. The Dallas Cowboys would be in another country.

3. All those red electoral votes would be gone.

On the downside, we would have to build a large fence between the US and Texas. We don't want them coming up and taking jobs from the real Americans.
A gold star for you, Rich. That comment pre-emptively made my weekend...


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