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The Donnybrook
Friday, May 15, 2009
At what point do the Carolina Hurricanes earn some respect?

Don't get me wrong here. They're not my team, and they'll never be my team.

That being said, this team is damn fun to watch. They play hockey the right way. They have each other's backs. Bottom line: These team has balls.

They went to New Jersey and beat Martin Brodeur in a Game 7. They went to Boston and beat the best goalie in the league in a Game 7.

In spite of their success thusfar, the Hurricanes still have to hear ESPN analyst/former Penguins agitator Matthew Barnababy say that they aren't as good as the two teams they've defeated in the playoffs.

What the hell???

It seems to me that they've more than proven themselves to be better than the Devils and Bruins, and I seriously doubt the Penguins are happy to see the toughest team left in the playoffs staring them in the face, as Barnababy also suggested.

The media in general will continue to dump on the Canes and drool all over Sidney Crosby throughout the Eastern Conference Finals, but even if the Penguins do walk away victorious, don't forget how clutch the team from Raleigh has been.

They're damn good...


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