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The Donnybrook
Friday, May 29, 2009
This is why I abhor media

Why bother stating any facts at all when you can simply resort to fear-mongering? Just casually point out the fact that millions upon millions of people would be annihilated as though you're writing a review of the locale fare at a restaurant opening (which was probably who indeed foisted this crap upon the headlines.) I could write the same "analysis" regarding a Chinese attack on the United States. Hell, why not use France? They have an army. And they actually have missles that fly and could hit Bearnuts, Alaska. In terms of probability they are equal - it's just that one wouldn't trigger the right amount of paranoia to sell something.

This idea of absolutes of good vs. evil is why there's 2 Koreas in the first place. That last clown decided this was part of an "axis of evil"? If we can overlook the logic that an axis contains only two functional points of rotation, then ignoring the history will also help us overlook who put the wheels on and custom built the drivetrain (think Pogo...)

Ever wonder why you can never seem to get an informed conversation on something besides what the talking box told everyone to like/think/buy? We're just mushrooms: feed us sh*t and keep us in the dark.


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