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The Donnybrook
Monday, June 29, 2009
NFL Network Stinks!

I wrote this a few weeks ago at work but I wanted to spread the word.

I can't take it anymore. The NFL Network is a great concept that has turned into garbage. This is the fourth time in five weeks there NFL Classic Game of the Week, billed as "the greatest games in NFL history" is from 2007 or 2008. And for about the 100th straight week, Tuesday they will show their 30-minute NFL Game of the Week blocks from 2006...Do these bozos know they played football before 2006? It sure doesn't seem like it. Anyway here's what I wrote. Feel free to contact them and voice your opinions because basically they are stealing everyone's money right now with their tired programming and instant historianism.

Were you excited when the NFL Network started up? I know I was. I am a football junkie who would choose NFL Films and classic NFL games over anything else television, internet or cinema has to offer.

Unfortunately, just like ESPN Classic (which is now nothing more than ESPN 3 or ESPN Boxing/Poker/Billiards/Bowling/none of the favorite sports most people enjoy the most), the NFL Network has dropped the ball and seemingly done everything it can to annoy its viewers.

In a recent commerical in which it pats itself on the back, the NFL Network brags about how it has "access to 40 years of NFL Films and thousands of games." That is true so here is my novel idea...Show them!

Instead of using this awesome arsenal at its disposal, the NFL Network subjects its viewers to eight or more hours of the same of NFL Total Access show. Do we really need to hear the same news repeated for eight straight hours...especially in the offseason? No. Show it once in mid-evening and once around midnight and that suffices.

When Total Access is not on for the 50th straight time, NFL Network usually forces the same old "Top 10" shows they are so proud of or the same "NFL Follies" episodes over and over and over again. NFL Films also created a series called "Lost Treasures" around the turn of the century consisting of about 10 or so episodes...and they replay these over and over and over and over and over and over...you get the idea.

Think about the miles and miles of NFL Films this network has at its disposal and yet they show the same tired programs over and over, robbing the true NFL junkie of what he craves the most.

Speaking of what the junkies yearn for, the thousands of games this network brags about having? At most they usually show one from the past in its entirety per week. And even then it's often the same games they have shown repeatedly. For example, this week they are showing the 2008 Eagles-Cowboys Monday Night Game they have shown as a 30-minute Game of the week as a 90-minute game replay...you get the idea. They do this often, so much so that one wonders if the NFL Network thinks there are only about 10 classic games in NFL history.

And who is the one dubbing some of these selections as classics? On the table for next week? The Cowboys trouncing the Bills, 52-17 in Super Bowl XXVII. Wow, what a thriller that one was! What's next, Super Bowl XXIV in which the 49ERS humiliated the Broncos, 55-10 as the Classic of the Week?

Now here's something that really will bend your mind. Even though this is the NFL Network they show college and high school games at times. You are the N-F-L Network! And don't try to tell me, "well these guys might be pros one day." That's all well and fine--but they aren't right now. If you are going to call yourself the NFL Network then you canát be showing non-NFL related games or shows. That defeats the entire purpose of calling yourself the NFL Network.

This is ridiculous. NFL fans deserve better. The NFL Network is taking our money then laughing at us as they show the same tired programming. Let your voices be heard and go to the NFL Networkás web site and demand them to change their ways and become a truly fan-friendly network. Email Roger Goodell while you're at it. The commissioner is big on disciplining players or teams that don't comply with personal conduct policies. Well, Mr. Commissioner your NFL Network steals money from the public every day without giving them the programming they desire so maybe you should punish it.

Here's my suggestion for their punishment: Make their programmers actually do some work, comb the miles of NFL Films and games they have at their disposal and make them show it throughout the week. What a concept, huh? The NFL Network actually showing an array of NFL films and games.

That's the kind of change your network needs, Mr. Commissioner.


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