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The Donnybrook
Friday, August 7, 2009
I'm Always for More Football

Even if I don't watch it. Nobody will ever threaten the NFL and any league that starts up is like a free minor league. XFL helped speed the use of shots from the roving cameras on the cables above the field, if nothing else. USFL and the scab games helped weed out some marginal players and brought some talent into the game that would not have been there at the time. Other football leagues are blips on the NFL's radar screen, and are likely better for the NFL than the owners of the start up leagues.

So...is the UFL the most likely place Michael Vick will play this year? Supposedly, only 9 teams have not publicly stated that they will not bring him into camp. Doesn't mean some of those 23 teams might not sign him mid-season.
1) Will Vick be signed during training camp?
2) Signed during regular season?
3)No NFL contract this year?
4) If not, would he play UFL?

Now, Jesse Jackson and friends are saying that teams are "coluding" to leave Vick unsigned. You see, he is a victim not of his own decisions and how the public might react to executing dogs (this is a dog-loving nation that supports the NFL), but of those evil colluding NFL owners. Right.


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