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The Donnybrook
Thursday, August 27, 2009
Religion is Not About God?

Sure, eastern religions like Hindi and Buddhism are not monotheistic religions, but in the context of US, religion is about God. The one God that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship. In fact, many fundamentalist Jews and Muslims would have no problem with this proposed Kentucky law, of which the ruling judge said:

"The statute pronounces very plainly that current citizens of the Commonwealth cannot be safe, neither now, nor in the future, without the aid of Almighty God. Even assuming that most of this nation's citizens have historically depended upon God, by choice, for their protection, this does not give the General Assembly the right to force citizens to do so now."
The Kentucky judge ruled that the kiss-your-ass-goodbye-unless-you-love-God provision of the KY state law (tells residents that only with God can they be safe in natural disasters) is unconstitutional. This nut-bag provision was inserted by a Democrat who is also a Pastor in a KY church. He says, without joking that:

"They make the argument ... that it has to do with a religion," Riner said, "and promoting a religion. God is not a religion. God is God."
The non-sequitor notwithstanding, it is sad to know just how very disturbingly differently many of my fellow Americans view the world. Wow...


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