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The Donnybrook
Thursday, August 6, 2009
This seems like a reasonable way to get a point across...

Conservative "activists" crack me up. They're so vehemently opposed to fixing the health care crisis in this country, they've taken to issuing death threats to Democratic congressmen.

Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) will not be hosting any town hall events this August -- instead, he's making himself available to constituents for one-on-one meetings about health care reform -- and at least part of the reason is this: His offices have received threatening phone calls, including at least one direct threat against his life.

"We had no town hall events scheduled for the August recess anyway, but in light of everything that's happened -- we have received a threatening phone call in the D.C. office, there have been calls to the Raleigh office," said Miller communications director LuAnn Canipe, in an interview with TPM. The threatening call in question happened earlier this week.

"The call to the D.C. office was, 'Miller could lose his life over this,'" said Canipe. "Our staffer took it so seriously, he confirmed what the guy was saying. He said, 'Sir is that a threat?' and at that time our staffer was getting the phone number off caller ID and turning it over to the Capitol Police."
Wonderful. Just doing the bidding of their corporate masters, you know!

UPDATE: In an oh-so-classy move, Rep. Todd Akin (R-KS) jokes about some of his Democratic colleagues "almost getting lynched". The crowd of knuckledraggers he was speaking to were just giddy at the prospect...


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