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The Donnybrook
Friday, September 4, 2009
If It Weren't for Al Davis and Jerry Jones...

Dan Snyder would be vying for the title of least-liked owner in football. As Boswell notes in his article:

The Redskins have a right to enforce contracts. But that doesn't make it right. No wonder there are few rebukes in this town as insulting as, "That sounds like something Dan Snyder might do."

Feel the love! For a team with long waiting list and a history of sellouts stretching way back, this seems like a move calculated to garner all the negative press possible. They couldn't have let the ticket holders offer their tix to the next people in line for seats in their price-range? Did the money the Redskins won in settlements and judgments cover their legal costs?
All this comes after finding out just fews days ago that brokers were getting tix that waiting-list fans got no shot at. Snyder may be able to generate a lower approval rate than the US Congress. That would be an impressive accomplishment.


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