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The Donnybrook
Friday, September 18, 2009
Mission: Impossible

I guess there is the need to keep up the show of trying to bring the Israeli-Palestinian problem towards some resolution, but really; what is there to work with? The Israeli's won't stop the settlements in the West Bank, and no Palestinian faction can keep the militants from firing rockets into Israel. Fatah and Hamas are both corrupt and violent. Israel has no interest in peace that involves giving up territory. What is the basis for the belief that this is a problem with a solution? I understand the need to keep trying, because to abandon Israel is to invite it's destruction given the sea of hostile despotic regimes it lives among. Egypt is excoriated by Muslim extremists for having come to terms, however tenuous, with Israel. And practically speaking, there is no reason to consider "Palestine" as a viable state. Are the Israelis supposed to have their country geographically divided to allow Gaza and the West Bank to connect? C'mon. Are the Palestinians in Gaza likely to stop attacking Israel for the many real grievances they have with the way Israel forces them to exist? No. Expect this blister in the sun to keep festering.


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