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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Reconciliation Just Got More Likely
Unless the next week and a half produces a few Republican votes in the Senate, the Democrats have little incentive to not use the reconciliation process to pass a health care bill. This would lower the bar from 60 votes to 51, which would leave room for a few Senate Dems like Nelson to vote against and still have the bill pass. Sometimes called "the nuclear option" by whichever party is out of Executive power, there is a risk of backlash and difficulties getting a workable bill out of the House. But with no Republican support whatsoever, why keep trying unless you are willing to risk backlash to accomplish a major domestic agenda item for the first two years in office?

Update: The left is making its' displeasure known. The real test will be how many can swallow a health bill with problems instead of getting nothing done.What is the "trigger" that makes it too bad to vote for?


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