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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
What the hell kind of god-awful dog shit is this???

I really hate Gibson guitars...

Janie Hendrix Introduces The New Hendrix Model Guitar – A Gibson Family of Brands

What could possibly add to the enormity of Jimi Hendrix’s music legacy in 2009 — 39 years after the still-ruling sonic genius of electric guitar departed the planet?

How about an entirely new and unprecedented Jimi Hendrix guitar model designed by the Authentic Hendrix and Gibson? This astonishing about-to-be-unveiled guitar brand is destined to inspire a new generation of players as well as the legion of musicians already under the influence of Jimi’s magical sound and style.
So Gibson is desiging a guitar that was never played by Jimi, and marketing it as a Hendrix model.


Jimi occasionally played a Gibson Explorer, but can there honestly be any question as to which guitar he was known for playing?


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