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The Donnybrook
Friday, October 30, 2009
Am I crazy...

...or does three days rest seem like enough time to come back from just about ANYTHING???

The fact that anyone would debate whether Cliff Lee should start Game 4 of the World Series this Saturday on three days rest is absurd.


The whole goal of a baseball player's career is to play and contribute in the World Series. Cliff Lee is 31 years old, and in the prime of his career. I seriously doubt he would choose to pitch game 5 on normal rest and not be able to pitch in a potential Game 7 in New York.

Competitors compete, that's just what they do. Cliff Lee is a competitor, and I'm sure we'll be seeing him light up the Yankees again on Sunday night...

UPDATE: Well fuck me sideways. Joe Blanton will start Game 4 and Cliff Lee will start Game 5. Man, I really don't get that...


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