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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Prepare for the Whine-fest...

As the principal bidder for the pathetic Rams assesses his chance of having an ownership bid approved, he makes the rational business decision to dump his windbag liability of a "partner". Limbaugh is simply a bigger negative than he, his money, and public persona are an asset. Thus he is dropped from the group seeking to buy the Rams. He will scream left-wing media conspiracy and it will resonate with his current listeners, who would - and do - believe him no matter what he says. You made your bed Limbaugh. Lie in it, bitch. Let your aging demographically declining fans comfort you now. You will be associated with the rock-bottom point for the GOP for all time. No doubt we have yet to reach that point, but our country is the worse for you having been what you are, and what you have spawned, that much is clear.

Additional Whine-fest Item: Creationists will be whining, too.


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