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The Donnybrook
Monday, December 21, 2009

• A spectacular place to eat if in Williamsburg, VA.

• Hopefully, more Ford workers will take the buyout this time.

• The Eagles at Dallas game week after next is intriguing, IF the Plowgirls can avoid losing to the (fore) Skins next week.

• The Golden Ratio 1.618/1.0 is the product of the Fibonacci number(series). It is the mathematical principle behind the formation of the spiral seashells on the beach or many flowers. It is also present in the faces and body parts we find the most appealing.

• Though the health care bill is not a done deal. it looks likely. To the Repugnicans who are doing the chicken-little dance, grow up and accept it or organize and oppose. Elections have consequences and you are collecting yours now. Be proud of your Audacity of Nope approach. It may help you in 2010, but in the long term it exposes you as the angry party of no ideas that you have become.

• The Health Care bill is an achievement. It is not what the Progressives wanted, but it IS what was possible. The left needs to suck it up and admit that this was the only way to get 60 and that they can keep the left of the House reps in the Conference from bolting. Health care won't be on the agenda for another 10-15 years on this scale. Some tweaks, yes, but this issue is almost another third rail of politics.

• A test case for budget-cutting, Irish style.


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