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The Donnybrook
Friday, January 22, 2010
The Golden Age will continue...

...if the Phillies keep making the right moves and locking up their core performers like this:

All signs point to the Phillies wrapping up their arbitration cases well before hearings are set to begin on Feb. 1.

Last night, according to the team's Web site, the Phils agreed to a 3-year deal for $22 million with centerfielder Shane Victorino, leaving catcher Carlos Ruiz as the lone unsigned arbitration-eligible player.
They also locked up Joe Blanton, their most consistent starter from 2009, in a 3-year deal yesterday.

P.S. GREAT UNI NEWS!!! The Phillies will wear their old school powder blue/maroon road unis for one game in Milwaukee in May.

For those of you who forget what those fantastic threads looked like, allow the immortal Kent Tekulve to remind you...


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