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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Sorry Big Mac, you can't have it both ways...

Let me start by saying that I have hated Mark McGwire since well before the zenith of his career in the late-90's. He always seemed like the typical asshole jock to me, and I'm so happy to see him twist.

Even in "coming clean" about his steroid use during his playing days, Mark McGwire still flashed some of the snivelling cowardice that so clearly defined his testimony before Congress a few years ago.

Getting back to the title of my post, McGwire wants to get the benefits of apologizing for using steroids, but doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that steroids helped him hit more home runs and did tremendous damage to the game of baseball.

Sure, he was born with the ability to hit a baseball like few others ever could, but if he doesn't understand that a 360-foot flyout to center can become a 410-foot home run if a player is juiced enough, then he has a staggeringly tiny amount of common sense.

This guy is such a braindead chickenshit, I'm amazed Tony LaRussa wants him back in his clubhouse...

P.S. I'm also happy to see that the passage of time and the use of performance-enhancing drugs seem to be turning Mark McGwire into a cross between Kenny Rogers and Colonel Sanders. Ain't that a bitch?


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