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The Donnybrook
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Tired of the Term "Swagger"...

Not only is it overused, it glorifies asshole-ness. Swagger is more than the projected confidence with which a great team or individual athlete carries themselves; it's the no-class "In your face" attitude which used to be relegated to the realm of Pro "Wrestling" and Roller Derby. Now it is considered a virtue. Fuck that. It reminds me of the phrase, also used too much in sports, "showcase my talent." Not "lead a team to victory" - no, that would be a distraction from the showcase of "my talent." Again, fuck that. Did you ever see greats like Barry Sanders or Jerry Rice pulling the sort of shit that T.O./Chad Johnson do? I doubt it. Those athletes had real class, something that Ray Lewis, Romanowski, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield,Charles Haley, Reggie White, Joe Klecko, Ty Cobb, Bill Lambier, Dennis Rodman, Rasheed Wallace, Bobby Knight, Bill Parcells, Adolph Rupp, - NEVER HAD. You name some others or quibble with my list of no-class (however talented they may have been....that is not the point. this is not a sports hall of fame forum, just a place to recognize that some sports figures, even revered ones, were shits of human beings) athletes...


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