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The Donnybrook
Thursday, February 4, 2010
The NFL makes a big mistake...

Ugh. Just read it...

The North Texas Super Bowl Committee and the NFL unveiled the logo for Super Bowl XLV on Thursday morning, displaying Cowboys Stadium in the background with the Vince Lombardi Trophy sitting on top of the Roman numerals for the game.

There is a new logo for every Super Bowl, but starting with the 2011 Super Bowl, the theme of the logo will basically remain the same. The only differences from year to year are the stadium backdrop and the Roman numerals for the game.
How does this decision suck? Let me count the ways:

1. The Super Bowl is only played in 7 or 8 cities around the country, so the Super Bowl logo will look basically the same every time the game is in Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Phoenix, etc...

2. No open-air, cold weather stadium will ever host the Super Bowl, so those teams in those cities (Green Bay, Philly, New York) will never have their stadiums memorialized in the logo.

3. Let's say the Eagles win the Super Bowl next year. Do they really want Cowgirls Stadium to be included in the logo for the game?

4. While some Super Bowl logos have been hideous, many have been gorgeous. That's a part of the creative process that's being eliminated with this decision.

5. Look at this dopey thing!!!


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