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The Donnybrook
Saturday, February 6, 2010
Post-Super Bowl (Predictions/Questions)
  • No new labor deal before the current CBA expires;
  • T.O. brings his cancerous presence to yet another team who will end up regretting signing him;
  • Many of the moves (trades, draft choices, cuts, etc.) will be driven by the lack of a salary floor more than the lack of a cap;
  • "Who takes Tebow?" will be the biggest story leading up to the draft this year, but only after Vick either stays or goes.
  • If there is no stadium in LA soon and the Rams move - where would they go?
  • Why does Jacksonville still have a team? How do you continue with only 40K people in the stands each week? They are the Montreal Expos of the NFL sans the inevitable move...
  • The more we learn about this me-first, chuckle-headed scum the more there will be to dislike. I could never like this guy when he played, despite his obvious talent, he is a childish joke.


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