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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Double Lockout Year, 2011?

I may have to learn to like baseball (riiiight....) in 2011. An NFL lockout is likely and it seems that the NBA may do the same. I will have to make a point of spending more fall Sundays outside in 2011. Probably not a bad thing. Those who argue that the NFL and the players won't fail to get a new CBA have far more faith in those party's sense of rational self-interest than I do. They have self-interest at heart, sure, but not in a rational way. For the NFL, it will take a work stoppage to resolve the impasse in negotiations. In the end, the players will need to accept a somewhat smaller slice of the pie, rookies will have get smaller, shorter-term contracts, and owners will have to learn what transparency means when it comes to their accounting. Right now owners can hide all sorts of questionable shit without having to answer for it and they can make claims about finances without having to show their evidence. I wasn't aware of the NBA situation being so dire, but the NBA needs a hard cap to keep from turning into the sham of competitiveness that MLB has become.


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