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The Donnybrook
Monday, March 29, 2010
A Modest Proposal...

To change the one-and-done occurrences in NCAA basketball, I would like to see all basketball scholarships mean a 3-year commitment for the school offering the scholarship. Not the player. If you sign a John Wall type, you commit that scholarship spot for three years. If he leaves after one year, tough shit. You cannot use his scholarship spot for two more years. If the recipient of the scholarship graduates after playing four years, you get another scholarship for your school. This would make colleges reluctant to one-and-done types. There would need to be changes to prevent scum like Calipari from doing unto others and then leaving, but this would force the NBA to stop using the NCAA as a free farm system and get more involved in Europe or elevate the NBDL to a higher status. With NBA money.

Editor's Note: I just wanted to interject that this is the 3500th post in Donnybrook history.

Way to go, john!!!


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