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The Donnybrook
Monday, March 1, 2010
Sen. Bunning's obstruction kills 2,000 federal jobs...

Even if you believe that 2 years is too long for unemployment benefits to extend, you'd have to be pretty pissed if your job got cut because a Senator with an axe to grind was grandstaning like the old geezer from Kentucky...

Two thousand federal transportation workers will be furloughed without pay on Monday, and the Obama administration said they have a Kentucky senator to blame for it.

Federal reimbursements to states for highway programs will also be halted, the Transportation Department said in a statement late Sunday. The reimbursements amount to about $190 million a day, according to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The furloughs and freeze on payments were the result of a decision last week by Republican Sen. Jim Bunning to block passage of legislation that would have extended federal highway and transit programs, the department said. Those programs expired at midnight Sunday.
I have a few friends in the area who work for the state DOT, and I'd be very sad if their jobs got chopped because of the selfish behavior of one moronic politician in Raleigh...


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