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The Donnybrook
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Which liberal scumbag is responsible for this incident, Jamz?

Do tell. Where in the left-wing braintrust did this bright idea come from?

After a tea party organizer published the address of the brother of Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) in a blog post urging anti-health reform activists to "drop by," someone cut a propane gas line at the house, Politico is reporting.

Now the FBI is investigating what happened at the home near Charlottesville, according to Politico.

The development comes on the heels of at least five instances of vandalism -- mainly in the form smashed doors and windows -- at Democratic offices around the country in the days around the House health care vote Sunday night.

In the Periello case, an activist named Mike Troxel of the Lynchburg Tea Party wrote a blog post telling activists to add a "personal touch" to their anger at Periello -- who voted yes on the health care bill -- by going to his house. But Troxel mistakenly posted the address of Periello's brother.
Go ahead. Explain this one away...

UPDATE: Violent symbolism, imagery and rhetoric are truly the hallmarks of today's conservative movement.

Check out how Caribou Barbie is using gun sights to "target" Democrats in Republican-leaning districts for voting for health care reform.


2nd UPDATE: Steny Hoyer says at least 10 Democratic lawmakers have received threats since the health care vote on Sunday.

But, he's a lying Democrat, so who gives a shit what he says. Right, Jamz?

3rd UPDATE: Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) has released some of the voicemail threats he's received this week. The hits keep coming, Jamz! Hurry up and blame this on liberals!

4th UPDATE: Two Democratic Congressmen had pictures of nooses faxed to their offices. You stay classy, teabaggers...


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