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The Donnybrook
Monday, April 5, 2010
What to say, what to say...

I'm not really sure what to say.

Donovan McNabb to the Redskins is truly a bizarre move from a football standpoint. It just doesn't make sense to trade a QB who just had a great season (prior to the last 2 games) to one of your divisional rivals.

The Eagles' brass must truly believe that McNabb is running on empty if they don't mind playing him twice a year for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, they just shot themselves square in the ass.

As a fan of McNabb's, I'd resigned myself to him being dealt awhile ago. It really didn't make sense to keep him through the last year of his contract. That being said, you don't trade a franchise player to a division rival. In any sport. It makes no sense.

I can appreciate that Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles front office wanted to show some respect to the best quarterback in franchise history by not exiling him to football Hell in Oakland or Buffalo, but it seems like a decent AFC team would've made a run at McNabb at some point. There are SO many teams in the NFL with shitty quarterbacks, it just seems impossible that they had to send him to Washington.

At the end of the day, the Eagles (and the city of Philadelphia, for that matter) needed to turn the page on the McNabb era. I'm not at all sold on Kevin Kolb, but I understand the need to look to the future.

I'll miss McNabb because he is a very good guy who caught more shit than he deserved over the last 11 seasons. He's fun to watch, and when he's making good decisions, there are a miniscule number of QB's who are better than him.

I'll hate rooting against him for two weeks this year, but that's life in sports.

#5, you will be missed. Thanks for the best years the Eagles franchise ever had...


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