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The Donnybrook
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Like I needed another reason to like Ozzie Guillen...

This guy is a raving lunatic, and I love him for it...

Before the Chicago White Sox 5-4 win over the Cleveland Indians, one in which umpire Joe West once again did his best to get on T.V. by calling two balks on Mark Buehrle, who had one balk in his previous 692.1 innings pitched, and ejecting Guillen and Buehrle before the finish of the third inning, Ozzie Guillen signed some autographs.

One Indians fan got a little more than just Ozzie's John Hancock as Guillen wrote "Bye Bye LeBron" on one side and "When are you going to win anything in sports? Please," on the other side.
He makes being an asshole so damned appealing!!!


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