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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
NFL Network Should be Sued for False Advertising...

Honestly, anybody know a lawyer who is a diehard NFL fan, because this sham of a network must stop lying to its viewers!

Scream it from the roof tops. Call your satellite or cable provider. Flood the email boxes or the offices of the NFL Network with angry letters. Do it all and to paraphrase from the movie Network, say the same thing...

At this point, I am convinced NFL Network viewers could sue that network for false advertising. In a commercial that the network shows repeatedly, it claims that "it has re-airs of thousands of classic games" and that it has over 40 years of NFL Films at its disposal.

There’s one problem with that claim: it barely ever shows either of them. This network is supposed to be about the NFL 24/7, but viewers are shown the same tired programming over and over. The network shows two classic games a week and they always are ones that they have shown before. In three years of having the NFL Network I have probably seen them show about 25 actual games and that is pathetic. It also is pathetic that about 75 percent of the games they show have happened in this decade. I guess this network doesn’t know football existed in the 20th century.

The NFL Films shows they air also are constant repeats. Early last decade NFL Films produced a series called "Lost Treasures" which consisted of about 10 shows only. Well, you will see those same 10 shows about 10 times a week on this network...week after week after week. You also will see the same bloopers films over and over and over and over again.

On top of that, viewers are shown the same 1-hour Total Access show for about 10-12 hours a day. This is lazy programming at its finest.

Here’s a thought NFL Network: Actually live up to what you claim and show those classic games and classic NFL Films! There is no reason this network should not be showing at least two classic games per day–ones that they have never shown before. It’s not like it’s a difficult task since every week of every season (prior to 2000 too) there were at least a handful of great games played. I’m a diehard NFL junkie and starting with when I became a big fan in 1983 I can go through just about every week from then until now and pick games from each week during that span that could be aired. The possibilities are endless and they have so many games to choose from that they could go a year without even having to run a repeat.

Instead they show the same tired programming over and over and over. You like their Top 10 shows? That’s good because they honestly have shown each one (and they consist of about 10 shows a year) 100-500 times in the last few months.

While I’m ranting here’s another thing the NFL Network could be sued for: actually calling itself the NFL Network and claiming they show the NFL 24/7. Uh, then why every week are you showing high school football and Arena Football? And why have I seen college game as well in the past on this network? I have nothing against any of those but when a network is called the NFL Network and it shows football other than from the NFL than you better believe I have a problem. That is blatant false advertising. Tonight alone they are showing two hours of high school football.

That is their new Tuesday prime-time lineup. Wednesday’s consists of two hours of America’s Game, a great show about the super bowl champions but ones they have shown hundreds of times before. Thursday’s consists of the same Top 10 shows they have shown hundreds of times already and Friday’s consists of Arena Football. Sigh.

Even on Saturday’s when the NFL Network shows "Super Bowl Classics" they screw up. Last Saturday they had that nailbiting classic between the Bears and Patriots, a 46-10 Super Bowl XX debacle. In another week or so they are showing the Cowboys beating the Bills, 52-17. A, they have shown those games before and B, wow when I think of classic super bowls I know I think of games determined by 71 combined points that were over by halftime!

At this point I’m convinced that either whoever does the programming for the NFL Network is not only lazy, but also clueless when it comes to NFL history.

Either way, the NFL Network is blatantly lying to its viewers. Remember that commercial I mentioned about how they claim they show thousands of classic games? The clip they show when they say that is of The Immaculate Reception. One problem with that...they have never shown that game!

You’ll not fooling anybody NFL Network. You are a sham and you are lying to your viewers with a.) these bogus claims and b.) by showing things other than NFL football.

For that, it is time...it is time for the NFL fans of the world to unite and demand change.

Let the NFL Network we are onto them and demand they live up to their name and do their job.

Tell them we’re not going to take it anymore!


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