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The Donnybrook
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
To all my buddies still living in the Keystone state...

One week from today, PLEASE get out and vote for Joe Sestak in the Democratic Senate primary.

Joe is a good guy, a hard worker, and (most importantly) a true Democrat.

While Arlen Specter has racked up a reliably progressive voting record since he switched parties last year, it's been nothing more than an exercise in political survival from a guy who is most concerned with saving his own ass.

I have no doubt that if Specter survives the primary next Tuesday, he'll promptly become a spur in the side of the Democratic agenda while he tacks toward the center in an effort to beat right-wing shitbag Pat Toomey.

Count on it.

You guys can make a difference and get a true Democrat into the general election. Get after it!!!


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