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The Donnybrook
Thursday, May 6, 2010
What's the "ultimate bar crawl" in your town?

My wife and I hit a couple of really great bars in Raleigh last night and we got to thinking: What would be the "ultimate" Raleigh bar crawl?

It would have to consist of at least 4 bars and begin and end in the same place.

Here's my list for the City of Oaks...

Flying Saucer
Hibernian Pub
Mitch's Tavern
Tir na Nog
Flying Saucer

That's just about the perfect drinking night in beautiful Raleighwood, although I must admit that after last night, The Oxford and Busy Bee Cafe could crack the list at any moment.

Let's open this up to everyone, regardless of location: What's the ultimate bar crawl where you live, or in a town that you love?

P.S. On the topic of drinking, if you haven't tried Bell's Oberon Ale, please do so immediately. Mr. Drumsalad discovered it last night and is rightfully hooked. Awesome brew...


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