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The Donnybrook
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Two years ago, I would've been devastated...

Before the Phillies won the World Series in 2008, the prospect of the Flyers losing their shot at the Stanley Cup on a cheesy goal in OT of an exciting Game 6 probably would've caused me to skip work today in a fit of utter depression.

Instead, I'm realizing that Bill Simmons' 12th "Rule for being a true fan" needs to be amended to include all teams in your home city:

After your team wins a championship, they immediately get a five-year grace period: You can't complain about anything that happens with your team (trades, draft picks, salary-cap cuts, coaching moves) for five years. There are no exceptions.
The better team skated away with the Cup last night. It's a tough pill to swallow, but I'm too proud of this Flyers team to hang my head this morning...

P.S. To his credit, the talented Rob Ullman called this series from the start and even came up with a brilliant illustration for the occasion...


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